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Web-based services to support the way we do business in today’s modern world. 

CanadaBuys is a new suite of online procurement services, launched by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC). It opens up an exciting range of possibilities for doing business with the government. CanadaBuys significantly improves how we work: it streamlines our procurement processes by moving from paper-based to online procurement. PSPC procures goods and services on behalf of other Government of Canada departments and designated agencies and Crown corporations. We do this through open, fair, and transparent competitive processes that ensure the best possible value for Canadians.


Responding to Canadian businesses 

Before launching this service, PSPC consulted with businesses from across Canada. They told us they wanted a simple way to access and bid on tender opportunities with the Government of Canada. And we listened. This exciting change from paper-based to online procurement will better serve all Canadians wanting to start, or continue, doing business with the Government of Canada, regardless of business size or geographic location.


It will allow businesses to: 

  • access Government of Canada opportunities for free

  • create one company profile, no more resubmitting the same profile with each new bid 

  • work in a safe and secure online environment

  • improve their bid quality by responding to their questions directly in an online form

  • receive notifications for contract expiry dates, amendments, competition extensions and cancellations, and more

  • save time by eliminating the need to drop off paper copies 


To learn more about how your business can access and bid on online tender opportunities, visit the Getting started page.


Making the transition from Buyandsell to CanadaBuys

CanadaBuys will ultimately replace the tendering services on the Buyandsell site. If you are used to Buyandsell, don’t worry! The transition to CanadaBuys is taking place in stages, over time. For now, PSPC will continue to post tender opportunities on Buyandsell. We will soon begin including links there to tender opportunities available only on SAP Ariba. In order to view the tender opportunity in detail and to bid, businesses will be prompted to register for an account. To find out how to create your account, visit the Getting started page


Eventually we will post all tender opportunities, including the ones for SAP Ariba, directly on CanadaBuys. Once that happens, other Government of Canada departments and agencies may migrate to CanadaBuys. For updates, visit the CanadaBuys Roadmap. We are here to help you through the change: CanadaBuys will keep you informed, and provide resources and support every step of the way to make the final transition to online procurement services seamless.


Stay informed! CanadaBuys is your one-stop shop to find announcements about each phase, as well as other helpful information, resource material, and online support to guide you through this new, exciting way of doing business with the Government of Canada.


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