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How to register your business

Before you can start bidding on tender opportunities posted by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), you will need to register your business.

PSPC buys goods and services on behalf of other federal departments and agencies and Crown corporations. To do this, PSPC  uses SAP Ariba, a web-based tool that allows businesses to view and bid on opportunities.

Get your SAP Ariba account

Registering and completing your company profile in advance will save you time and let you focus on preparing your bid when the time comes. To help you with creating your account:


If you do not represent a business but want to view tender opportunities, you will still need to register for an account.

Already have an account?

Millions of companies around the world use SAP Ariba, so your business may already have an account. Unsure if your business already has an account? The system will notify you if there are any duplicates after you fill out and submit the registration form.

If you have an account, you will still need to answer a few additional questions about your business to view and bid on tender opportunities. Log in to SAP Ariba and complete your company profile.


Get a CRA business number

To do business with the Government of Canada, you will need a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) business number. This applies regardless of the business size. Although you can create your SAP Ariba account without a CRA  business number, you will need it if you win a contract.

Register for a CRA business number.

Other sourcing tools

Depending on the services your business provides, you may need to register in other sourcing tools that PSPC manages. Some examples include ProServices for professional services, and the Translation Bureau for language services.

Some helpful information


Download the mobile app

Access SAP Ariba from your mobile device.

Download the SAP Ariba app on the App Store
Download the SAP Ariba app on Google Play

Make sure you have everything you need for creating your SAP Ariba account.

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