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is interested in partnering up on the following tender opportunity:

Tender notice title: AI-IA Artificial Intelligence Source List

Publication date 2019/01/15

Closing date and time 2025/01/15 14:00 EST

Opporture details

Company website

Custom AI Models and Training

Opporture offers a range of AI-enabled services focusing on content mastery, which includes creation, moderation, and dissemination. Opporture supports industries including social media, gaming, governance, IT, healthcare, fintech, etc. Content Moderation: Safe and reliable content maintenance in line with community guidelines​​. Content Annotation: Enhancing user interactions and customer service through AI-trained algorithms for accuracy and relevance​​. Content Tagging: Organizing content under common tags for improved relevance and visibility​​. Content Labeling: Contextualizing content to make digital platforms more accessible​​. Content Distribution: Disseminating content based on relevance to enhance user experience​​. Content Creation: Developing content as per platform guidelines using Machine Learning and data insights​​. Content Transformation: Modifying raw content into dynamic assets for compliance, relevance, and discoverability​​. Content Consulting: Advising on content strategy aligned with platform guidelines and leveraging Machine Learning insights​​. Content Accessibility: Improving accessibility, mobile-friendliness, and user experience through digital restructuring and AI optimization​​. Content Marketing: Ensuring content is appropriately placed and reaches the intended audience through algorithmic assistance​​.

First name Pratap Chowdary


Last name Potakamuri


President and CEO


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