Thamar Bilingual Legal Services Ontario

is interested in partnering up on the following tender opportunity:

Tender notice title: Management Consulting Services

Publication date 2023/04/21

Closing date and time 2023/04/21 11:00 EDT

Thamar Bilingual Legal Services Ontario details

Bilingual (English/French) legal services

Bilingual (English, French) Legal Services provider, as a Licensed Paralegal by the Law Society of Ontario, within the GTA area. We provide bilingual Contract Ancillary Services to in-house legal departments/lawyers, such as: - Tender & Contract Manager; - Drafting and/or negotiations of contracts; - Accounts Receivable (A/R); - Policies & Compliance; - Alternative Dispute Resolution Process (ADR); - Restructuring, etc.

First name Thamar


Last name Abdu




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