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Tender notice title: Call for Proposals TS7 - Innovative Solutions Canada - Testing Stream

Publication date 2023/03/21

Closing date and time 2023/04/18 14:00 EDT

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Cyber security technology and service provider.

ADAMnetworks® are Innovators of Technology that protects people and their systems as they live and interact online. Authors of Zero Trust connectivity, Don’t Talk to Strangers (DTTS)®, DNSharmony®, Adaptive AI and Reflex AI allowlisting - ADAMnetworks® ushers in a new category of ZeroTrust connectivity tools that practically change the fundamental approach to information security. Our technology closes the gap in current “Next-Gen” systems by providing effective protection without the need for detection before mitigation is triggered. Thus, effective protection against unknown threats and ZeroDays are common. Phishing and Smishing vectors are practically destroyed and adam:ONE® facilitates an attack surface reduction of 7000:1. adam:ONE® ZTc have has proven to be immune to APT attacks such as the Solar Winds breach and Pegasus. Even if infection occurs, the attacks are simply not allowed to execute next stages and data egress is denied by DTTS®. ZTc is applied without the need of endpoint agents and thus extends our technology application to ICS/OT and Critical Infrastructure.

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