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Canadian Integrated Program for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance (CIPARS) Farm Dairy Cattle Collection and Dairy Cattle and Poultry Pathogen Testing

Status Awarded

Contract number 4500459672

Solicitation number 1000251502

Publication date

Contract award date

Contract value

CAD 255,331.85


    This contract was awarded to:

    University of Prince Edward Island

    The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), Centre for Foodborne Environmental Zoonotic Infectious Disease (CFEZID), Food-borne Disease and AMR Surveillance Division (FDASD) requires the services of a microbiological laboratory. Expertise is required for the primary isolation, identification and sensititre
    susceptibility testing of Salmonella, Campylobacter, and E. coli in dairy cattle, as well as common mastitis causing pathogens such as Streptococcus species, Staphylococcus species (both coagulase positive and negative), Klebsiella species, and other bacteria of interest in dairy cattle. Expertise is required for the
    same testing abilities of Salmonella, Campylobacter, and E. coli in poultry samples. Expertise and indepth knowledge of dairy cattle is also required by the provider for fieldwork sample collection on dairy farms, conducted by designated staff in the Maritime region. This requirement is part of the Canadian
    Integrated Program for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance (CIPARS)/FoodNet Canada on-farm Dairy and Poultry surveillance initiatives.

    The period of the contract will go until March 31, 2025, with the option for three (3) additional one (1) year periods as well as optional services (including additional dairy sample lab work, poultry sample lab work, and dairy fieldwork sample collection in the Maritime region) within each year.

    The Contractor shall report on an annual basis, the primary isolation results listing all of the samples received and whether they were positive for the organism of interest, and the susceptibility results by antimicrobial. All invoicing must be submitted by March 31st annually.

    Business address

    550 University Avenue

    Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, C1A 4P3
    Notice type
    Request for Proposal
    Procurement method
    Competitive – Open Bidding
    Selection criteria
    Highest Combined Rating of Technical Merit and Price
    Region(s) of delivery
    New Brunswick
    Nova Scotia
    Prince Edward Island

    Contract duration

    The contract will be for a period of 18 month(s), from 2023/09/21 to 2025/03/31.

    Commodity - UNSPSC

    • 70120000 - Livestock services
    • 70121504 - Dairy laboratories services
    • 70122008 - Veterinary laboratory technology
    • 77141501 - Microbiological testing

    Trade agreements

    • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
    • World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement (WTO GPA)
    • Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA)
    • Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement (CPFTA)
    • Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement
    • Canada-Panama Free Trade Agreement
    • Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement
    • Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement (CKFTA)
    • Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)
    • Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)
    • Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)
    • Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA)
    • Please refer to tender description or tender documents

    Reason for limited tendering

    A contracting officer can use limited tendering for specific reasons outlined in the applicable trade agreements. The reason for this contract is described below:

    • None
    Contact information

    Contracting organization

    Public Health Agency of Canada

    200 Eglantine Driveway

    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0K9
    Contracting authority
    Montana Myers
    (613) 447-7684
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