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Audit and Related Services - Request for Standing Offers #256 (“RFSO”)

Status Awarded

Contract number P1700586

Solicitation number 256 Stream 1

Publication date

Contract award date


    This contract was awarded to:

    Welch LLP

    The Office of the Auditor General of Canada (“OAG”) requires contractors to supply audit and related consulting services on an “as and when required basis” as further described in Section 2 (Statement of Work) of this RFSO. These services are comprised of the following four (4) service delivery streams (“Streams”): Stream 1 – Financial Audits; Stream 2 – Systems and Information Technology Audits; Stream 3 – Financial Instruments Audits and Related Consulting Services; Stream 4 – Actuarial Services.

    The OAG conducts independent audits and studies that provide objective information, advice and assurance to Parliament, territorial legislatures, boards of Crown corporations, government and Canadians. The OAG’s head office is located in Ottawa and its four regional offices are located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Montréal and Halifax. Please see for further information about the OAG.

    This RFSO describes the process by which a supplier, who is the person or entity submitting a proposal responding to the requirements of the RFSO and having legal capacity to contract (a “Bidder”), may be selected for recommendation of standing offer award in each Stream. Proposals will be evaluated separately and independently for each Stream as further described in Section 3 (Basis and Method of Evaluation) of this RFSO. The maximum total value of any and all standing offers resulting from this RFSO is estimated to be $6,000,000 inclusive of any eligible expenses and applicable taxes, each with a term of four (4) year(s) expiring on December 31, 2020, plus an irrevocable option for the OAG to extend the term for up to two (2) additional one (1) year periods.

    Business address
    123 Slater Street, 3rd Floor
    Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H2
    Procurement method
    Competitive – Open Bidding

    Contract duration

    Refer to the description above for full details.

    Commodity - GSIN

    • R010B - Audit Services, Not Elsewhere Specified
    Contact information

    Contracting organization

    Auditor General of Canada, Office of the
    240 Sparks Street
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A0G6
    Contracting authority
    Norgaard, Lars
    240 Sparks Street
    Ottawa, ON, K1A 0G6

    Buying organization(s)

    Auditor General of Canada, Office of the
    240 Sparks Street
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A0G6
    Date modified: