HVAC Revitalization Project

Solicitation number EZ899-211806/A

Publication date

Closing date and time 2021/05/13 17:00 EDT

Last amendment date

    Trade Agreement: Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)
    Tendering Procedures: All interested suppliers may submit a bid
    Competitive Procurement Strategy: Lowest/Lower Bid
    Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No
    Nature of Requirements: 
    Sezginalp, Kipp (PWY)
    Telephone No. (604) 367-5341
    Email: kipp.sezginalp@pwgsc-tpsgc.gc.ca 
    Title:  HVAC Revitalization Project 
    Location: Mission, BC 
    Note to Tenderers:
    Drawings and Specifications are now available for viewing and downloading in a Portable Document Format (PDF) or in a standard paper version. Tenderers should note that Attachment File(s) contains the Drawings and Specifications Package (DSP) which consists of PDF files organized in an industry recognized directory structure.
    Work Description:
    Work of this Contract includes:
    1. Removal of existing HVAC systems, equipment, ducting, piping, and components - RTU-101, RTU-102, RTU-104, Bypass Terminal Units, Split Air Conditioning Systems, Motorized Dampers.  
    2. Removal of existing HVAC control systems, equipment, hardware, components, and conduit that are related to the demolished HVAC.   
    3. Removal of existing roof curbs, and patching roof membrane openings. 
    4. Removal and replacement of existing electrical equipment, wiring, and conduit. 
    5. Removal and abatement of hazardous materials. 
    6. Provide new energy recovery ventilator (ERV). 
    7. Provide new Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) HVAC system (indoor and outdoor units, branch controllers). 
    8. Provide new exhaust and make-up supply air fans. 
    9. Provide new controls for new HVAC systems, connect to existing. 
    10. Provide new electrical power distribution to new HVAC systems, connect to existing. 
    11. Provide new structural systems to support new HVAC systems on roof and ceiling spaces. 
    12. Provide new roof curbs for HVAC equipment. 
    13. Perform roof, ceiling, and wall modifications, repair, and patching. 
    14. Patch and make good all damage caused by mechanical and electrical work. 
    15. Commission and test all new HVAC, controls, and electrical systems.
    Site Visit 
    As part of the tender process, a MANDATORY online virtual site visit/orientation through Microsoft Teams is scheduled for Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 1:30 pm PDT. All bidders MUST attend this online meeting. Bids submitted by Bidders who have not attended the mandatory site visit will be rejected.
    The details for logging in to this Microsoft Teams meeting will be made available to all bidders who express an interest in attending by contacting the Contracting Authority before 4:00 pm PDT on April 21, 2021.
    If you wish to attend, please email Kipp Sezginalp at kipp.sezginalp@pwgsc.gc.ca.
    Delivery Date:
    The Contractor must perform and complete the Work within (26) weeks from the date of notification of acceptance of the offer. 
    Value of Project:
    To assist with bonding and insurance requirements, this project is estimated to cost $500,001 to $1,000,000
    For further instructions please consult “Special Instruction to Bidders”, SI09, “Industrial Security Related Requirements” and “Supplementary Conditions” SC01 “Industrial Security Related Requirements, Document Safeguarding Location”.
    This notice is to advise all interested bidders that in order to be awarded a contract which contains a security requirement, the Bidder must hold a valid Security Clearance granted or approved by PWGSC Contract Security Program (CSP) at the level indicated in the solicitation document.
    Should the Bidder not currently hold a valid Security Clearance or require the level to be upgraded,
    PWGSC will sponsor the Bidder. Please submit your written request with the following information to Kipp Sezginalp by e-mail to kipp.sezginalp@pwgsc-tpsgc.gc.ca 
    - Company Name
    - Mailing address
    - Surname and given name of contact person
    - Telephone number of contact person
    - Title of contact person
    - Facsimile number
    - E-mail address of contact person
    - Procurement Business Number
    - Preferred Language of correspondence
    - Level of Security Required
    Additional information on PWGSC security can be found on the following web site:
    http://ssi-iss.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca or by dialing 1-866-368-4646 (Toll free).
    Tender Enquiries:
    Kipp Sezginalp
    Supply Specialist 
    Real Property Contracting 
    Public Services and Procurement Canada/Government of Canada
    kipp.sezginalp@pwgsc-tpsgc.gc.ca / Telephone: 604-367-5341
    Additional Information:
    Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and to encourage physical distancing, the bid receiving unit in Vancouver will remain open but with limited staff and limited hours: Monday to Friday, from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm (Pacific Daylight Time).
    Public tender openings will be suspended until further notice. Following solicitation closing, bid results will be recorded and may be obtained by e-mailing a request to the address indicated in the Invitation to Tender. Please monitor Buyandsell.gc.ca closely as changes to bid closing dates may be necessary. 
    Please note that GI08 (Bid Security Requirements) and GI09 (Submission of Bid) of R2710T have been modified to include submission of bids electronically. Should you be interested in submitting your bid electronically, the following will apply:
    SI05 Submission of Bid - Electronic Bid Submission by epost Connect service
    Bids emailed directly will be rejected and deemed non-compliant. Please consult SI05 Submission of bid in the invitation to tender document for full details.
    SI04 Bid Security Requirements. A scanned copy of a bond does not constitute a digital bond. Submitting copies (non-original, non-verifiable or scanned copy) of signed and sealed bid bond are not acceptable. Non-compliant bids will be given no further consideration. Please consult SI04 Bid Security Requirements in the invitation to tender document for full details.
    Firms intending to submit tenders on this project should obtain tender (solicitation) documents through Buyandsell.gc.ca/tenders. Amendments, when issued, will be available from Buyandsell.gc.ca/tenders. Firms that elect to base their bids on tender (solicitation) documents obtained from other sources do so at their own risk and will be solely responsible to inform the tender calling authority of their intention to bid. In all cases, bidders must indicate (when requested) in the space provided on the tender form the identification number(s) of the amendment, if any, that they have taken into consideration for their bid.
    This procurement office provides procurement services to the public in English.
    The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.
    Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.
    Delivery Date: Above-mentioned
    The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.
    Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

    Contract duration

    Refer to the description above for full details.

    Trade agreements

    • Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)

    Partner with another business

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    This list does not replace or affect the tendering procedures for this procurement process. Businesses are still required to respond to bid solicitations, and to compete based on the set criteria. For more information please read the Terms of use.

    Contact information

    Contracting organization

    Public Works and Government Services Canada
    11 Laurier St, Phase III, Place du Portage
    Gatineau, Quebec, K1A 0S5
    Contracting authority
    Sezginalp (PWY), Kipp
    (604) 367-5341 ( )
    (604) 775-6633
    800 Burrard Street, Room 219
    800, rue Burrard, pièce 219
    Vancouver, British C, V6Z 0B9

    Buying organization(s)

    Public Works and Government Services Canada
    11 Laurier St, Phase III, Place du Portage
    Gatineau, Quebec, K1A 0S5
    Bidding details

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    Notice type
    Request for Proposal
    English, French
    Region(s) of delivery
    British Columbia
    Procurement method
    Competitive – Open Bidding
    Selection criteria
    Lowest Price

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