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Tender opportunities

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Notice categories:

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List of tender notices. The columns are sortable in ascending and descending order.
Title Category Open/amendment date Closing date Organization
Email Transformation Initiative Goods, Services related to goods, Services 2013/05/30
2012/07/31 Shared Services Canada
NATIONAL SECURITY EXCEPTION Services related to goods, Goods, Services 2013/05/30
2012/09/13 Shared Services Canada
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List of award notices. The columns are sortable in ascending and descending order.
Title Category Award/amendment date Closing date Organization
DIGITIZERS Goods 2016/11/24 N/A Department of National Defence
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List of contract history information. The columns are sortable in ascending and descending order.
Company name Contract number Organization Award/amendment date Contract / Amendment value
Techmatron Instruments Inc. W7702-175825/001/EDM Department of National Defence 2016/11/24 CAD 37,187.00
Techmatron Instruments Inc. W7702-081139/001/CAL Department of National Defence 2009/02/12 CAD 9,996.00
Techmatron Instruments Inc. W7702-125470/001/CAL Department of National Defence 2012/02/06 CAD 19,698.00
Alazar Technologies Inc. W0046-11Q228/001/KIN Department of National Defence 2011/02/24 CAD 7,526.00
Techmatron Instruments Inc. W7702-115164/001/REG Department of National Defence 2010/12/21 CAD 16,133.00
Alazar Technologies Inc. W7714-115135/001/EJ Department of National Defence 2010/10/04 CAD 9,629.00
ZTEC Instruments Inc. W7714-093811/001/PY Department of National Defence 2010/01/07 CAD 7,244.00

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