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Learn about terms that you will use in the new online procurement services.

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Glossary definitions


Administrative amendment
This permission allows you to change non-contract details, such as adding a team member or uploading a supplemental document (not a contract line items document or terms file).

Modification administrative
In legal terms, an amendment is an executed change to the original contract that can change the language of a term or condition, or, possibly some of the dates of the contract. In SAP Ariba, an amendment creates a new version of the workspace and, depending on the amendment type, can cause different tasks, documents and/or data input to occur. There are multiple amendment types in SAP Ariba.

Amendment reason
This is justification from the user of why they are making a change to a contract workspace.

Raison de la modification
Analytical report
This report type allows users to report on processes or data that are not covered by SAP Ariba pre-packaged reports.

Rapport d’analyse
Approval node
Approval rules within SAP Ariba are driven by logic-based conditions. If conditions are met, the rule is triggered, and approvers are added to the approval flow.

Note: In the previous system, ABE, this was referred to as the name of a user (approver) on the approval routing sheet.

Noeud d'approbation
An approver is a user who determines whether an object meets the criteria to proceed to the next stage.

An action of approving a PR document by an approver with the appropriate authority.

Ariba dashboard
The opening screen shown when a user clicks on the Sourcing tab in SAP Ariba Sourcing.

Note: Comparable to the Solicitation Form window in ABE.

Tableau de bord d'Ariba
Ariba project templates
Content in SAP Ariba is managed using project templates. When a new user creates a project, they use an existing template. The ability to alter existing templates is restricted to administrators, and any changes require users to go through the Service Desk.

Modèles de projet dans Ariba
Assembled document
An electronically configured document that, when loaded into a workspace in Contract Management, will allow integration of contract attributes, such as effective date and names of the supplier, through Microsoft Word's Document Properties function. If you are working with an assembled contract document that is already loaded in a project, you can edit the document using Microsoft Word. However, in many cases, it is easier to use the Outline View tab to view, move, add, substitute, and deleted the components of the document, the clauses, and sections. Sections contain and organize clauses.

Document assemblé


A user who performs the primary sourcing activities in the SAP Ariba application. They are given access to create and manage sourcing projects and contract workspaces. The buyer role can, in different situations, be performed by the end-user, cost centre owner (Section 34), technical authority, transaction authority, or operational manager.

Buying group
A group of users containing buyers and buying managers. The users of this group are responsible for strategic sourcing and contracting activities in order to establish supply arrangements (SA), standing offers (SO), or one-off contracts based on the requirements.

Groupe d’acheteurs
Buying manager
Synonyms: division manager

A user who performs supplementary sourcing activities in the SAP Ariba application.

Gestionnaire d’achats
Synonymes : Gestionnaire de division


CanadaBuys is a new suite of online procurement services, launched by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC). It includes the website, the new tendering service, as well as the SAP Ariba, SAP Fieldglass and ServiceNow applications.

A catalogue is a collection of items that requestors browse to find the item that they want to buy. For SAP Ariba, catalogues have been created to facilitate purchasing against a standing offer (SO) or supply arrangement (SA).

Category manager
A user who manages the catalogue in SAP Ariba and is responsible for hosting and maintaining supplier catalogues in SAP Ariba.

Gestionnaire des catégories
Central allocations unit (CAU)
The central allocations unit (or allocation user) is responsible for creating the requisition in SAP Ariba and route work appropriately to the manager of the buying group in PSPC.

Unité centrale des attributions (UCA)
A clause is legal text that can be included in a contract or solicitation. Generally, a clause corresponds to a paragraph of text, but it may also contain multiple paragraphs, tables, or entire pages of text, such as an exhibit.

Clause library
A content repository for standard clauses that can be used to generate contractual documents.

Bibliothèque des clauses
Collaborative requisition
A collaborative requisition is a requisition in which a buying organization negotiates with one or more suppliers before placing an order. In the case of PSPC only, price is negotiated using the collaborative requisition function.

Demande collaborative
Commodity (UNSPSC)
The commodity code for the good or service being requested. SAP Ariba uses the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) code-set. A concordance table for mapping between Goods and Services Identification Number (GSIN) and UNSPSC will be provided to users to support the UNSPSC determination.

Produits (UNSPSC)
Complexity assessment
Each requisition undergoes an assessment to determine the complexity level of the procurement in order to direct the requirement into the appropriate process stream (complexity Level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) and to allocate it to a contracting officer with the necessary skill set to handle the procurement. 

Évaluation de la complexité
Compound report
This report allows users to view many different related charts and tables in a single umbrella report.

Rapport combiné
Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (CLCA)
If the client is familiar with the region where the goods will be delivered or the services will be performed and knows it falls within a Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (CLCA), this field in SAP Ariba can be used to capture which agreements are applicable. This can help expedite the process for buyers.

Ententes sur les revendications territoriales globales (ERTG)
Contingent Workforce Management (CWM)
A strategic method of managing an organization’s non-permanent workforce to reduce risk and control costs.

Gestion de l’effectif occasionnel (GEO)
A contract is a binding agreement between a buying organization and a supplier that identifies the terms for purchasing goods and services.

  • Stand-alone contract
  • Standing offer
  • Supply arrangement
  • Contract with task authorizations
  • Call-up against a standing offer
  • Contract against a supply arrangement

Contract migration template
A template document located in the SAP Ariba contract workspace. This template is used by buyers to operationalize the SAP Fieldglass SOW contract.

Modèle de migration de contrat
Contractor Access Agreement (CAA)
The agreement between SAP Fieldglass and an organization that allows the organization’s personnel access to the SAP Fieldglass application.

Entente sur l’accès de l’entrepreneur (EAE)
Contract request (Procurement)
Contract requests are "containers" that include requisition data and documentation, and project management functions (team members, message boards, and workflows).

Note: In ABE, contract requests are similar to the new requisitions that need to be assigned to a division.

Demande de contrat (approvisionnement)
Contract termination
Allows you to change the expiration date and reminder settings of a contract. Use this amendment type to close a contract before its expiration date due to an adverse condition or disagreement. This amendment type is not available for closed or expired workspaces.

Résiliation de contrat
Contract workspace
Contract workspaces are a type of SAP Ariba collaborative workspace. They are "containers" that include contract data, contract documents, associated documents (such as emails related to contract management), and project management functions (team members, message boards, workflows, approval flows).

Note: Currently in the Automated Buying Environment (ABE) under Working Copy (WC) Requisition's folders and files are used to issue and store contract documents and GCdocs is the tool used to store associated documents for a file.

Espace de travail contractuel


Delegation of authority
The delegation of authority confirms the authority for a representative of the government to both spend money and sign contracts on behalf of the Government.

Délégation de pouvoirs
Deliverables-based payments
Payments made on completion of deliverables.

Paiements reposant sur des livrables
An action of denying/rejecting a purchase requisition (PR) document by an approver with appropriate authority.

Departmental Material and Acquisitions Services (DMAS) reviewer user
A user in the DMAS team responsible for verifying the purchase requisition (PR) assigned to the DMAS group and manually assign it to the appropriate DMAS team queue.

Utilisateur examinateur de la Direction de la gestion du matériel (DGM)
Document template
A document template is a file that serves as a starting point for a new document. Examples may include solicitation templates, contract templates, etc.

Modèle de document


Envelopes are used during the solicitation process to allow viewing of sections of supplier responses in a sequence, rather than all at once.

Note: In ABE, sections of the bid or proposal (technical bid and financial bid) must be submitted in separate documents.

E-procurement consists of many different online processes which include sourcing, vendor management, catalogue management, and contract management.

Approvisionnement électronique
Expenditure Initiation Authority (EIA)
If bids are not being solicited, select the appropriate section 6 Government Contract Regulations (GCR) exception. If bids have been solicited, an advance contract award notice (ACAN) has been used, or if the procurement is not a contract subject to the GCRs, select "not applicable".

Pouvoir d’engager des dépenses (PED)
Estimated contract effective date
The date the requestor/client department needs this requirement to be fulfilled by. For goods this is the delivery date, for services it is the date the work needs to begin. If the contract is for both goods and services, enter the earliest date.

Date d’entrée en vigueur prévue du contrat
Estimated total procurement value
The total value of the requirement including taxes and options.

Valeur totale estimative de l’approvisionnement
Exceptions to Government Contracts Regulation, section 6
Indicates the Government Contracts Regulations (GCR) exception that applies in the case of a procurement that will result in a directed contract award.

Exceptions en vertu de l’article 6 du Règlement sur les marchés de l’État


Final trade agreement coverage
Determine which trade agreements apply to the procurement and select from the list. Determine the final trade agreement coverage by taking into account the applicable exceptions and exclusions. For help, refer to suggested trade agreement coverage. If the procurement is not covered by any of the trade agreements, select "none". For example, if 9 trade agreements are suggested to apply and there are exclusions and exceptions that remove coverage for 3 of those agreements, the final coverage should identify the 6 remaining trade agreements.

Couverture finale d’accords commerciaux
Financial approval
A financial approval is an approval of the financial aspect(s) of a procurement.

Approbation financière
Fixed fee
Single-sum contract where the vendor(s) will deliver work on agreed fee.

Honoraires fixes
Full registration
Full registration is the process for suppliers to provide sufficient information to the GC to transact with the GC. The outcome of a full registration is to create a supplier record in a linked financial management system.

Note: A vendor record in the client's departmental financial management system is required for the client to issue payment for an invoice. In the case of Public Services and Procurement Canada, SIGMA is the name of our financial management system.

Inscription complète
Functional approval
Synonyms: functional/commodity group manager approval

Functional approval is an approval of the functional aspect(s) of a procurement. The functional authority is added to the approval flow depending on the commodity codes of the items on the purchase requisition. If the commodity code requires a functional approval, the nominated group would be added to the approval flow. For example, if the commodity code for language training requires additional functional approvals, then the functional approver group would be added to the approval flow.

Approbation fonctionnelle


Synonyms: bid evalution

The evaluation of a specific supplier's response to a solicitation.



Indigenous DForm (aka Indigenous Obligations and Considerations in Procurement Form)
This is a data form (DForm) object within SAP Ariba that must be filled out by the buyer when certain policy reporting requirements apply. Its purpose is to capture data to support departments in meeting their reporting requirements for Indigenous procurement, which includes reporting on:
  • Modern treaties (also known as Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements)
  • The Nunavut Agreement and the Treasury Board Directive on Government Contracts, including Real Property Leases, in the Nunavut Settlement Area
  • The Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business
  • Ministerial mandates

Formulaire de données sur les autochtones (aussi appelé formulaire sur les obligations et les considérations autochtones)
Integrity verification
Enter the results received from the Integrity Verification Services (IVS) Portal regarding the bidder, offeror, or supplier. If integrity verification does not apply, please indicate the reason.

Vérification de l’intégrité
Intellectual property indicator
Indicate if the contract is expected to include intellectual property (IP) and if so, if ownership will remain with the contractor or owned by the Crown.

Indicateur de propriété intellectuelle


Job posting
An electronic document created in the SAP Fieldglass application by a buyer organization that requests temporary labor.

Affichage de poste
Job seeker
The individual (candidate) submitted to a job posting by a supplier for review and consideration of an open temporary position.



Limited tendering reason
If the procurement is expected to be a limited tender, indicate the reason in SAP Ariba. Limited tendering may only be used in specific circumstances. Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) exceptions and exclusions only apply if CFTA is the only applicable trade agreement.

Raisons du recours à un appel d’offres limité


Milestone-based payments
Payments made on completion of milestones.

Paiements reposant sur des étapes clés


Non-assembled documents
Documents of various types, including MS Word, Excel, and PPT. It also includes ASCII [text], Graphic files, and PDF files. These are uploaded by the user or pre-populated in the standard sourcing project template.

Documents non assemblés
Non-catalogue items
Non-catalogue items are items that do not exist in a catalogue.

Articles non catalogués


Onboarding and offboarding required
Specific criteria that need to be met for workers to complete prior to onboarding and offboarding.

Activités d’intégration et départ requises
Operationalization is the process of setting up contract terms and publishing the contract so that operational procurement activities can take place.

Originating requisition ID
Captures the 9200 number as well as the originating financial system ID from the client department. This field is used to locate the contract request in the case of amendments or follow-on requests. This field should always be entered in the following format: 9200Number;OriginatingID e.g. 1231-1231-123;PR012312.

ID de la demande initiale
Other government department (OGD)
A client department which is not being onboarded to SAP Ariba. Client departments submit sourcing needs that are above their own delegation. It will be serviced through SAP Ariba by PSPC-AB. This process remains the same as in the past and will not change in the foreseeable future.

Autre ministère (AM) 
Outline view
This is a tab in the Document View of an assembled document where the system displays the document in sections and clauses. Non-assembled documents do not have this capability.

Mode plan


Synonyms: bidder

A prospective supplier that is submitting an electronic bid in response to an invitation or open competition opportunity.

Synonyms: user permissions

Permissions are guidelines that are set in the system that determine which users have access to which information. Permissions are usually established when each user gets their account credentials.

Personal report
This is a custom report developed by the user, and available only to that user.

Rapports personnels
A collection of related tasks in a sourcing project.

Pre-grading is a system functionality used in solicitations that assigns a grade based on pre-defined criteria.

Pre-packaged report
Report developed by SAP Ariba and available to all customers and users with reporting permissions.

Rapport prêt à l’emploi
The preparer is a user who creates a purchase request on behalf of someone else. For example, an executive assistant (EA) creating a purchase requisition (PR) for office supplies needed by their director. When the PR is created by a preparer on behalf of another user in the organisation, the requestor will be added to the approval flow as a watcher.

Price per unit for the item.

Process template
A process template (or simply template) is used within SAP Ariba to define default project workflows, teams, documents, and business rules in source to contract and supplier relationship management processes.

Modèle de processus
Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business (PSIB)
The Government of Canada's policy to support Indigenous businesses with procurement opportunities. Its measures include, where applicable, mandatory and voluntary set asides to limit bidding to Indigenous businesses for government contracts, among other measures. It also requires departments to report on their set asides and for those with a procurement budget over $1 million to report on meeting their PSIB performance objectives.

Stratégie d’approvisionnement auprès des entreprises autochtones (SAEA)
Procure to order (P2O)
The process to be performed between the creation of a purchase requisition (PR) and the submission of the associated order to the supplier and, optionally, the acceptance or confirmation of orders by the suppliers.

De l’approvisionnement à la commande
Progress payments
Progress payments against milestones or depending on the nature of the contract, progress payments may be made at set periods of time on a calendar basis (time payment method), or based upon the actual costs incurred for material purchases and the partial completion of work.

Paiements proportionnels
A document type used to capture fund and financial details and to link related SOW contracts together. Projects sit within the SAP Fieldglass Planning module.

Project groups
Custom groups created at a project level; roles are assigned to groups to determine what access rights the groups are given.

Groupes de projet
Project owner
The creator/manager of the sourcing project. Typically the procurement professional (e.g. buyer) responsible for the procurement.

Maître de l’ouvrage
Project team
The project team refers to the group of users that has access to a sourcing, contract, or supplier workspace. May include client procurement authority, technical authority, approvers, bid evaluators, legal, cost analysts, etc.

Équipe de projet
Public report
A custom report developed by the Government of Canada SAP Ariba reporting administrators, and available to all SAP Ariba users with reporting permissions.

Rapports publics
Publish document
Publishing a document indicates it is finalized. Published documents can be edited and re-published under a new version.

Diffuser un document
Publishing a sourcing event
Indicates that the document is being released to the market for public viewing.

Publication d’une activité de détermination des sources d’approvisionnement
Purchase order (PO) flip
Automatic transfer of purchase requisition data to the purchase order in SAP Ariba. Once the approval to contract is granted, then the purchase order will be sent to the supplier automatically in SAP Ariba.

Note: With the previous process, one would fill in all the fields of a call-up. It then needs the requisite approval to contract and is formally issued when the buyer sends it to the supplier.

Transfert du bon de commande (BC)
Purchase requisition (PR)
A purchase requisition (PR) is the approvable document created when you submit a request to purchase items. 

Demande d'achat (DA)


A user group in SAP Ariba can be configured to have a queue backing it. A queue prevents multiple users from acting on the same purchase requisition (PR) at the same time and helps in the managing and distribution of PRs amongst the buyers.

File d'attente
Queue manager
A queue manager determines whether users can acquire and return items, decides how many items can be retrieved from the queue at a time, can assign items to specific queue members, and can see who is working on the queue items and how many days the items have been assigned. This role is held by one of the users within the group.

Gestionnaire de files d’attente


Real time budget check (RTBC)
RTBC checks the budget code corresponding to the accounting information in the PR to ensure that enough unencumbered funds are available to fund the PR submitted.

Vérification du budget en temps réel (VBTR)
Recurring fee
A continuous fee for services rendered.

Honoraires récurrents
Region of delivery
Captures the location for which the goods or services will be delivered. The remote offsite value can be used for instances where the services requested can be delivered remotely; for example, a service can be performed from a supplier’s home office or another location.

Région de livraison
Business users who define the need in the requisition. In SAP Ariba, a requestor can be a PSPC employee or an OGD client who has a business need and requires a procurement.

Formal documentation of a procurement need, typically associated to a financial document in the client department’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. For client departments, requisition information is captured on the 9200 form and shared with PSPC departments via an intake and allocations function.

Requisitioning entity
The client department which submitted the requisition. Multiple requisitioning entities can be selected if this requirement is for multiple clients.

Entité acheteuse
Resource management
Managing different resources / workers on a single statement of work (SOW)

Gestion des ressources
Restricted approvers
Users within the Expenditure Initiation Authority (EIA)/Sec32 group who have restrictions on approving purchase requisitions based on item commodity, PR value, etc.

Approbateurs soumis à des restrictions
RFx refers to a solicitation type. These include:
  • RFPs (request for proposal)
  • RFPs against an SA (supply arrangement)
  • RFIs (request for information)
  • RFSAs (request for supply arrangement)
  • RFSOs (request for standing offers)
  • ITQs (invitation to qualify)
  • ACAN (advanced contract award notice), and
  • Non-ACAN directed contracts

Note: Current solicitation forms in ABE:
  • RFP
  • LOI
  • P&A (price and availability)
  • RFQ
  • RFSA
  • RFSO
  • ITT (invitation to tender)
ACAN is a type of notification, similar to NPP.

RFx events
A folder that contains any relevant event templates based on selections in creating sourcing projects. Each template in this folder will have an associated approval task before it can be published.

Événements Dx
Risk assessment form
This document is used to obtain a risk rating for the procurement strategy in consideration. Located in the working folder, this document needs to be edited in order to mark the associated task as complete.

Formulaire d’évaluation des risques


SAP Ariba
SAP Ariba is a software company that provides cloud-based procurement, spend management, and supply chain services that enable suppliers and buyers to connect and do business globally. It includes supply chain management services to help source and procure materials, analyze spending, and manage suppliers.

SAP Ariba
SAP Ariba Discovery
Ariba Discovery is a tool where buyers can broadcast their requirements and have participants propose solutions to meet them.

SAP Ariba Discovery
SAP Business Network
SAP Business Network (formerly Ariba Network) is a digital marketplace where buyers and suppliers (businesses) collaborate on transactions, strengthen their relationships, and discover new opportunities.

SAP Business Network
SAP Fieldglass contract workspace
A one-stop-shop to manage contracting documents, approvals, and tasks. It is where the services contract information is housed. The user populates contract workspace data into the contract migration template.

Espace de travail de contrat de SAP Fieldglass
SAP Fieldglass project
Serves as the master shell for the statement of work (SOW) contract within SAP Fieldglass, and is used to capture financial information related to the contract. It links the original SOW contract to any subsequent amendments or task authorizations.

Projet SAP Fieldglass
SAP Fieldglass SOW contract
The SAP Fieldglass module used to manage services contracts and workers. The statement of work (SOW) contract document will serve as the SAP Fieldglass services engagement record. A SOW contract document is a services contract that is being operationalized and is the SAP Fieldglass services engagement record for the operational manager.

Activities of operationalizing a contract include: onboarding/offboarding workers, service receipts, and timesheet and expense sheets.

Énoncé des travaux dans SAP Fieldglass
Service Desk
The primary point of contact to assist users with the new online procurement tools as well as provide them with the help they need to do business with government.

Centre de service
Services receipts
A receipt created in SAP Fieldglass against a milestone or event in a statement of work (SOW) to show services have been rendered.

Reçus de services
Single fee
A one-time, single fee for services rendered.

Honoraire uniques
Soft registration
Soft registration is the process for suppliers to provide sufficient information to the GC to respond to a bid solicitation. The outcome of a soft registration is to create a supplier record in SAP Ariba, but not in any linked financial management systems.

Solicitation content
Used in sourcing events. Individual clauses are organized as event content (requirements, questions, etc.) and can be moved around in sourcing event content. Solicitation content in the sourcing library can be added to sourcing events.

Contenu de la demande de soumissions
Solicitation document
The document used to solicit bids from bidders.

Document d’appel d’offres
Source list
Synonyms: pool of qualified suppliers, tender list

A list of suppliers who are qualified to participate in solicitations for a particular good/service.

Liste de fournisseurs
Source to contract (S2C)
Represents all activities that need to be performed from the point where a procurement/sourcing need is identified up until when a contract has been awarded, signed, managed, and all activities required to close out the contract are fulfilled.

Approvisionnement sur commande
Sourcing events
Synonyms: tender, solicitation

A sourcing event is a solicitation created in SAP Ariba.

Activités de sélection des fournisseurs
Sourcing library
A knowledge repository that can be accessed by users while creating sourcing projects, contract workspaces, or sourcing events. The sourcing library contains document templates, event content, and forms. The ability to create, edit, and manage content within the sourcing library is restricted to select users within PSPC.

Bibliothèque des ressources d’approvisionnement
Sourcing project
The sourcing project is created in SAP Ariba once a sourcing request has been received and is completed in collaboration with the requesting client department. The sourcing project acts like a central repository of documents and a one-stop-shop to manage documents, approvals, and tasks.

A sourcing project includes (when applicable):
  • Execution strategy
  • Requirements and specifications
  • Pricing structure
  • Evaluation methodology and criteria
  • Solicitation document format
  • Sole source justification

Currently in ABE, Working Copy (WC) Requisition's folders and files are used to issue and store solicitation documents and GCdocs is the tool used to store associated documents for a file.

Projet d’approvisionnement
Standing offer (SO)
A standing offer is an offer from a potential supplier to provide goods and/or services at pre-arranged prices, under set terms and conditions, when and if required. It is not a contract until the government issues a "call-up" against the standing offer.

Offre à commandes (OC)
Statement of work (SOW)
The document that captures and defines all aspects of your project.

Énoncé des travaux (EDT)
Synonyms: bid, proposal, quote

A submission in response to a solicitation document.

Synonyms: vendor, contractor

A vendor of purchased goods and services.

Supplier account manager

The primary contact at the supplier organization who will receive the SAP Fieldglass initial registration email.

Gestionnaire de comptes fournisseurs
Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ)
Configurable document which is filled out by suppliers upon registration.

Note: Previously, mandatory and optional questions that suppliers are asked when registering their business in the Supplier Registration Information (SRI) application.

Questionnaire de profil fournisseur (QPF)
Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
Processes that involve the registration and onboarding of suppliers into SAP Ariba for the purposes of conducting business with the Government of Canada. In addition, SRM will address the performance evaluation component of the SRM process.

Gestion des relations avec les fournisseurs
Supplier user (Contact)
Representatives from the supplier organization.

Utilisateur fournisseur (personne-ressource)
Supply arrangement (SA)
A supply arrangement is a method of supply used by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) to procure goods and services. It is not a contract and neither party is legally bound as a result of signing a supply arrangement alone. This is a method of supply to procure goods and services. It includes a set of pre-determined conditions that will apply to bid solicitations and resulting contracts. These allow client departments to solicit bids from a pool of pre-qualified suppliers for specific requirements.

Arrangement en matière d’approvisionnement (AMA)


An individual assignment to be completed during a project. Tasks control activities and workflow in a project. Tasks are pre-configured in a project template. Tasks can also be added after a workspace is created (ad hoc tasks). Tasks can be optional or required except for signature tasks, which are always required. Required tasks must be completed before the workspace can be published.

Team member
PSPC user with access to a role in a sourcing project. End users with a defined support role and commensurate access to the sourcing project. Examples include business stakeholder, evaluator, approver, etc.

Membre de l’équipe
Test project
Test projects are used to aid in training or testing business flows. You can use the test project field as a filter when creating analytical reports. You cannot change the value of this field after a project is created.

Projet pilote
Time and expense based deliverables
Service contract that has workers submitting time and expenses as part of completing deliverables.

Livrables fondés sur le temps et les dépenses
TA record of the number of hours worked by a worker.

Feuilles de temps
Trade Agreement Exceptions and Exclusions
If the procurement is not subject to a trade agreement, select the appropriate exception or exclusion in SAP Ariba, but only if it applies to the entire procurement.

Exceptions et exclusions des accords commerciaux
Transaction authority
This approval certifies that an approver with the appropriate delegation has exercised their authority to enter into contracts, including acquisition card purchases, or sign off on legal entitlements.

Pouvoir d’exécuter une opération


Unit-based payments
Total contract value based on values of individual units of the work submitted by vendor(s).

Paiements à l’unité
Unrestricted approvers
Users within the Expenditure Initiation Authority (EIA)/Sec32 group who do not have any restrictions on approving purchase requisitions (PRs) based on item commodity or the PR value.

Approbateurs non soumis à des restrictions
User groups
Groups that are pre-configured in SAP Ariba with defined permissions.

Groupes d’utilisateurs
Unique SAP Ariba users.



Vendor performance score
Used to capture the resulting vendor performance score for a specific contract; should only be filled out when a vendor performance management project has been created, all activities have been completed, and a score has been acquired.

Note de rendement du fournisseur
Vendor performance corrective measures (VPCM) score
Used to capture the resulting vendor performance corrective measures score for this specific contract. Should only be filled out when a vendor performance corrective measures project has been created, all activities have been completed, and a score has been acquired.

Mesures correctives du rendement des fournisseurs (MCRF)


A watcher is a user that needs to be kept informed of the progress of an approvable document. These users do not have the ability to approve or deny the approvable.

Working folder
This folder contains all working documents in draft status that are relevant to the sourcing process.

Dossier de travail
A pool of candidates who are available in the SAP Fieldglass application for submittal to job postings.

Work items
Items in SAP Fieldglass that require action, such as responding to a job posting, accepting a work order, or approving a time sheet.

Tâches à traiter
Work order
An electronic document created in the SAP Fieldglass application that outlines the terms, dates, rates, and individuals selected for a temporary work assignment.

Bon de travail
Work profile
Captures a complete record of a worker's tenure at Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC).

Profil du travailleur


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