Procurement and contracting data

The Government of Canada’s procurement and contracting information, like data files for tender notices and contract awards, is available for you to download and view.


Download the procurement datasets

Select from the datasets below to download federal contracting information posted on CanadaBuys. You can use the datasets to conduct market research, find potential business partners, analyze markets, predict trends and requirements, and more.

Dataset 1

Tender notices

Up-to-date information from all active, expired and cancelled tender notices.

Dataset 2

Award notices

Up-to-date information on published and amended award notices.

Dataset 3

Contract history

Information on contracts that Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) awarded on behalf of federal departments and agencies.

Up-to-date data that identifies businesses holding standing offers and supply arrangements.

Need help understanding the datasets?

Consult the guides below for additional information on the datasets, including descriptions of the files’ fields:

Open Contracting Data Standard pilot

Canada is lead government co-chair of the Open Contracting Partnership (OCP), which is a multilateral initiative to foster greater transparency and accountability, improve governance, and increase civic engagement worldwide. The OCP established the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS), which is used by over thirty governments worldwide. Free to access, it describes how to publish data and documents about procurement processes for goods and services. As part of the commitments in Canada’s National Action Plan on Open Government, PSPC produced pilot data, including 250 government contracts, that tests implementing the OCDS.

Access the OCDS pilot data

The OCDS pilot data file includes standing offer and supply arrangements, tenders, awards and contract history information for procurement conducted by PSPC on behalf of government departments and agencies since 2012. Using unique identifiers, the OCDS pilot data links everything together in a machine readable JSON file.

Useful links

Canada’s National Action Plan on Open Government

Canada’s action plan for maintaining its membership in the Open Government Partnership.

Open Contracting Partnership

Uses information on public contracting to engage and fix problems.

Other resources and guidance about the OCDS

Open data standards for public contracting, implemented by governments world-wide.

Open Data 101

A guide on what open data is and understanding how to use it.




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