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VoltSafe Inc.

is interested in partnering up on the following tender opportunity:

Tender notice title: T8009-220054 – Demonstration of Marine Zero Emission Propulsion Systems (for vessels greater than 15 GT)

Publication date 2022/08/19

Closing date and time 2022/10/31 14:00 EDT

VoltSafe Inc. details

This is the new standard for marine EV safety + charging.

VoltSafe is a Vancouver based SME that is reinventing the electrical plug. VoltSafe’s patented technology is a blueprint to create an “electricity gate”, eliminating the need to internally hide plug contacts (i.e., prongs). VoltSafe-enabled plugs have smart capabilities beyond existing smart plugs today. Picture Apple’s MagSafe, just for high power applications like marine shore power. Any boater, sailor, or maritime professional that uses electrical power in a marine environment is exposed to some degree of hazard and experiences the following pain points: Shore power connectors tend to corrode, resulting in overheated, charred plug heads that are common causes of boat fires. They can be difficult to connect, especially in dynamic environments (rain, dark, cold, during combat). Power connectors in dynamic environments can dislodge momentarily and weld, e.g. three-phase shore power connectors for commercial freighters. Marina/port operators have no/limited real-time insight into power draw across their facilities. VoltSafe technology solves all these issues. Our power connectors prevent arcing, invisible corrosion (typically hidden in the inlet of up to 18” up the cord), and electric shocks. The plug heads are designed for IP-68 certification, i.e. they are water immersible without causing damage to the unit. We have a fully functional prototype for a shore power pedestal, currently capable of pushing up to 50A/250V which is equivalent to Level-2 EV charging.

First name Philipp


Last name Garber


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