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Klassen Translation

is interested in partnering up on the following tender opportunity:

Tender notice title: RFSA Translation Services - Translation Bureau

Publication date 2022/02/01

Closing date and time 2027/03/31 14:00 EDT

Klassen Translation details

French to English. Revision. Economics, administration, etc.

French - English translation; economics and econometrics, mathematics and statistics, business, environment, ecology, etc. Translation Experience Économétrie des variables qualitatives (Econometrics of Qualitative Dependent Variables) by Christian Gourieroux for Cambridge University Press, 2000 Finance et Économie de l’Incertain (Finance and the Economics of Uncertainty) by Demange and Laroque for Blackwell Publishing, 2006 Les grandes universités de recherche (Leading Research Universities) by Robert Lacroix and Louis Maheu for Les Publications de l’Université de Montréal and Queens-McGill University Press, 2014 Shortlisted for the Donner Prize in both languages Articles on various branches of economics for a wide variety of academic and governmental clients, including the Bank of Canada and CIRANO Many articles on industry structure and deregulation in electricity markets Hydro-Québec's brief on implementation of the Kyoto Protocol to the Québec National Assembly and S’adapter aux changements climatiques (http://wwwouranosca/cc/table_ehtml) by the Ouranos Consortium Many other documents, including for Statistics Canada, the OECD, Natural Resources Canada Cumulative translation experience over 2 500 000 words

First name Paul


Last name Klassen




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