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Sarcomere Dynamics Inc

is interested in partnering up on the following tender opportunity:

Tender notice title: Call for Proposals TS5 - Innovative Solutions Canada - Testing Stream

Publication date 2022/09/22

Closing date and time 2022/10/21 14:00 EDT

Sarcomere Dynamics Inc details

Compact, lightweight, rugged, high dexterity robotic hands.

Sarcomere Dynamics is bringing to market an anthropomorphic, agnostic robotic hand based on our novel actuation technology that enables us to build near-human functionality in robotics. Compared to the best robotic hand on the market today, our hand is 85% more compact, 80% lighter, and generates 250% greater grip force. Using the latest in manufacturing and engineering materials, we have built a robotic hand that can withstand impact and high stresses when using tools such as drills and hammers. Our current model has 19 degrees of freedom and the next model, due out by December 2022, will be 22 DoF. This high dexterity makes the hand ideal for teleoperations. The hand comes in three basic models, low, medium and high dexterity to provide utility across a spectrum of tasks.

First name HARPAL


Last name MANDAHER




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