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Tender notice title: THE INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS CANADA PROGRAM (ISC) - Challenge Stream - Call for Proposals (Call 003)

Publication date 2020/01/28

Closing date and time 2023/11/30 23:59 EST

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IP: Phase-space localization, Lightweight Spatial Computing

AI Incorporated is a pioneer in Lightweight Spatial Computing, Realtime Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (Q-SLAM), Navigation technologies, Robotics, and AI. High computational intensity is a prohibitive factor in scaling AI in general but in particular a show-stopper for EV & robotics which have limited space to carry powerful computers (requiring additional batteries to power the computer). Lightweight algorithms and low bit-rate requirement for communication, allow for Collaborative Robotics, and in general Collaborative AI Tech (CAIT). Other benefits of low intensity SLAM is the phase-space localization. AI incorporated uses Information Science principles to pack more data per bit of HW resources in communication, processing, storing of Localization and Mapping information. Quantum SLAM will take Markov Localization (current state of the art) to the next level by Fourier-Transforming and encoding the Markovian iteration in a position space into a phase space carrying the equation of motion forward using Schrodinger equation (or Hamilton’s equation in a relaxed form), uncertainty of which is modeled with an ensemble using a Von Neumann equation. AI Incorporated owns a strong patent portfolio and IP with more than 110 grant patents to date. A Method Of Lightweight Simultaneous Localization And Mapping is explained here: More patents on Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) :

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