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Quaze Technologies

is interested in partnering up on the following tender opportunity:

Tender notice title: Under pressure - Just-in-time medical resupply in austere environments (W7714-227982-014-A)

Publication date 2022/11/08

Closing date and time 2022/12/20 14:00 EST

Quaze Technologies details

Company website

Quaze can help you charging your drones and other UVSs

Quaze Technologies core technology transforms any surface into a wireless power station. Our unique and patented technology uses magnetic resonance to shape planar magnetic fields along large surfaces removing the need for precision physical pairing or even physical contact between transmitter and receiver. Every electrical hardware close to the surface can be powered or recharged. Quaze can also push energy from its surface to several devices at once increasing productivity and uptime. This technology has the potential to eliminate the need for human involvement and physical connections, thus providing a true uncrewed & agnostic energy solution for autonomous robotics. Since the technology can deliver high voltage, the types of robots that can be powered by Quaze is almost infinite. The power transfer can also happen through very thick materials like concrete, rock, ice, and sand. The fact that our technology is solid state and therefore does not rely on mechanical components makes Quaze a good solution in any environment or climate condition.

First name Jeff


Last name Martel


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