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Tender notice title: THE INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS CANADA PROGRAM (ISC) - Challenge Stream - Call for Proposals (Call 003)

Publication date 2020/01/28

Closing date and time 2023/11/30 23:59 EST

Innovsa details

Digital experts specialized in inbound and RevOPS strategies

Innovsa optimizes digital growth by connecting the inbound customer journey to revenue operations (RevOps) channels. As digital experts, we are passionate about RevOps and inbound strategies. We help you with the evaluation of your digital growth and the choice of the right tools to implement for your process's optimization. We are experts in RevOps : we analyze the path of your data, we recommend tools and apply integrations between systems. Our approach is inbound : we develop workflows between marketing, sales, operations and service systems. We recommend acquisition, conversion and retention tips and strategies. We draft action plans based on acquisition and conversion strategies. Our biggest strength is technical : We design and connect multiple systems together via APIs to exchange data. We design algorithms for automation between platform and maximize the optimization of existing integrations before creating new ones. We enhances the data to present them in a dashboard that fits business needs. For us, growth is human, diversified and personalized.

First name Sophie


Last name Marin




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