RMI Marine

is interested in partnering up on the following tender opportunity:

Tender notice title: EB144-230866 - BIO Cribwork Wharf Replacement

Publication date 2022/09/21

Closing date and time 2023/04/28 14:00 EDT

RMI Marine details

Certified Marine Crew, Diver's, Vessels and Barges

RMI Marine is a progressive marine contractor specializing in Diving and Marine port services. Based out of Dartmouth Nova Scotia we have 40 years experience providing Diving and Marine services in the port of Halifax and surrounding regions. RMI Marine's preventative and contingency equipment is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. RMI can respond to any marine environmental emergency by road or sea. Our knowledgeable management team and diving crews will help to manage your needs with integrity and efficiency. Allow RMI Marine to simplify your requirements, from heavy lifts and stores delivery to grey water and oily slops disposal RMI Marine is your one stop for all Diving and Marine port services.

First name Brad


Last name Conrad


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