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Maysa Course

is interested in partnering up on the following tender opportunity:

Tender notice title: AI4D Africa Mid-Term Evaluation

Publication date 2023/01/11

Closing date and time 2023/02/17 13:00 EST

Maysa Course details

Company website

A learning platform offers school and university students

Maysa Course is a learning platform that offers school and university students on-site and online courses from expert teachers in various academic and technical fields. Our mission is to transform students’ lives and prepare them for a brighter career and future. Maysa Course was founded in 2012 in Lebanon by Maysaa Chedid who is passionate about learning and sharing her knowledge with the younger generation to empower them and prepare them for a brighter future. ``We are engaged in making a positive impact on our society through learning and education. We assist our students in their learning journey, not only by providing them with academic learning, but also and most importantly by helping them to have a critical and strategic thinking mind, as we believe that building a personality comes first. We have so far provided courses to more than 2,000 students, with the help of 50 teachers and professionals and our aim is to enlarge our services at a national and regional level. Maysa Course is committed to provide anyone, anywhere with the power of learning for a better and successful life.``

First name Maysaa


Last name Chedid


Founder and director

Extension 71339571


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