FCI The Language Experts Inc.

is interested in partnering up on the following tender opportunity:

Tender notice title: RFSA Translation Services - Translation Bureau

Publication date 2022/02/01

Closing date and time 2027/03/31 14:00 EDT

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Company website https://www.fcitle.com/

Translation, interpretation, transcription, OPI, voice-over,

WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE We are experts at working with language! From the most common to the rarest languages, we can work with any dialect or sub-dialect, and the finished product will always be high quality and tailored to the target audience. Projects involving rare, indigenous, and tribal dialects are handled with the same accuracy, diligence, and expediency as any other. Our diverse teams contribute to one of the largest databases of linguistic professionals in the industry, ranging from heavily populated locations within the United States, to some of the smallest, most remote areas of the world. FCI offers translation services in more than 1,200 languages and dialects, but above all, we are dedicated to getting your message across in the most important language there is: yours. Abkhazian/Abkhaz

First name Olga


Last name Glinka


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