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Positive Sum Inc.

is interested in partnering up on the following tender opportunity:

Tender notice title: ProServices Method of Supply

Publication date 2018/04/16

Closing date and time 2023/08/25 15:00 EDT

Positive Sum Inc. details

Company website

Fintech, risk management, cybersecurity, compliance.

Fintech is complicated. It often feels abstract and disconnected from the real world. That’s because, largely, it has been. That said, fintech is ready to be brought into the real world through integration with established, mature industries and disciplines like accounting, finance, regulation, computer science, risk management, law and cybersecurity. Here's where we come in: Education: We help you learn to recognize the risks and opportunities presented by various financial technologies. Our actionable insights and intelligence help you understand how - and if - you should participate in the space. We can conduct presentations, group learning sessions and one-on-one training. Intelligence: Are you thinking of onboarding new financial technologies? Are you considering a specific technology or transformation approach for you your project? Our research will help you make better, more informed choices. Risk: Digitization presents unique – often unknown – risks for every industry. We can work with you to develop the insights, guidance and services to navigate the rapidly changing landscape, minimize risk and achieve your goals. After we complete our information-gathering sessions, we submit a detailed report outlining the risks and opportunities that are specific to your industry and business. Consulting: We have over a decade of practical, real-world experience working in financial technology. Our practical, integrated knowledge can help you execute your project.

First name Patrick


Last name McLaughlin



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