Toki Buildings Corp.,

is interested in partnering up on the following tender opportunity:

Tender notice title: RFQ HFR Project

Publication date 2023/02/17

Closing date and time 2023/04/24 14:00 EDT

Toki Buildings Corp., details

Japan Heavy Industries for HSR.

We are solution providers for the project of HSR and Tech Parks; I know this is more than business. JR has the best HSR solution for Kumamoto, but as Canadian, we also need to avoid failing like HSR for the California corridor. HSR is not what people think urban to urban; it is about connecting in different tech parks and relieving the density of a mega city. HSR is everything for National Economics, Techs, Transportation and Housing developments. We have great examples because of the comprehensive development with HSR, changing a nation's tech and leading tech worldwide. (we are under democracy supply chain.)

First name David Tsung-Ming


Last name Hu




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