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Tender notice title: Human Resources Services for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

Publication date 2023/04/27

Closing date and time 2023/05/26 14:00 EDT

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We support employers and business in the following ways: -HR strategy development: Develop a human resources strategy that aligns with overall business objectives. This can include analyzing the company's workforce and identifying areas for improvement, as well as developing policies and procedures to support the company's goals. -Recruitment and talent acquisition: Build a system that attracts the right talent by developing job descriptions, posting job ads, and conducting interviews. We also build effective onboard to retain new employees. -Employee engagement and retention: Help companies improve employee morale and retention by developing programs to increase employee engagement, such as training and development programs, career development opportunities, and employee recognition programs. -Performance management: Establish a performance management systems that includes setting goals and objectives, providing regular feedback and coaching, and conducting performance evaluations. -Compensation and benefits: Develop a competitive compensation and benefits package that aligns with industry standards and meets the needs of the company's employees. -Pay Equity: Analyze and implement a pay equity program that is in line with federal or provincial guidelines. -Compliance and legal issues: Navigate complex HR compliance issues, such as labor laws, workplace safety, and discrimination and harassment problems. -Workplace Investigation Services

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