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Tender notice title: Digital Asset Repository

Publication date 2023/08/10

Closing date and time 2023/09/21 14:00 EDT

Asset Reality details

The world’s first seized asset management platform.

Asset Reality provides services and tools to help government and law enforcement agencies seize, manage, and liquidate assets. We are a trusted leader in seized asset management globally and the only company in the world offering an end-to-end seized asset management service. Our advantage lies in our deep understanding of the asset forfeiture process: we’ve investigated, seized, managed, and recovered billions in assets all over the world. The Asset Reality platform allows our clients to: 1. Seize With Confidence: Our mobile application seamlessly captures and documents assets during the seizure process. By tracking and allocating seizures within the platform, our users maintain a proper chain of custody through a comprehensive audit trail. 2. Efficiently Manage Portfolios: Centralized asset and document management, live dashboards, tailored reporting, and advanced search and filter capabilities enable our users to quickly locate specific assets and track inventory at all times and in real-time. Assets on our platform are fully segregated by client, case, and defendant for increased accountability and security. 3. Maximize the Value of Liquidations: We implement liquidation strategies tailored to our clients’ needs. From auction houses to private sales and over-the-counter trading desks, seamless integrations within the platform allow real-time tracking of returns, all in a fully auditable, transparent and accountable way.

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Last name Summers


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