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Tender notice title: Call for Proposals TS9 - Innovative Solutions Canada - Testing Stream

Publication date 2023/09/12

Closing date and time 2023/10/03 14:00 EDT

9Bio details

Company website https://www.9bio.ca

9Bio offers AI-assisted protein design and optimization.

Proteins serve as biology's machinery and akin to how mechanical machinery operates, a protein’s structure dictates its function. Grounded in this concept, 9Bio engineers protein structure to bestow molecules with innovative functionality. Our engineering platform combines structural biology, proven AI models, and proprietary algorithms. By blending technology and deep biological expertise, we uncover valuable information about protein behavior to optimize, alter, or create entirely new structures. This enables us to craft custom-designed proteins with improved capabilities to address intricate design puzzles and generate novel candidates for drug therapies or diagnostic tools. We offer AI-assisted protein design and optimization services, including: Structure modeling, Design-to-function, Interface optimization, and In silico nanobody generation. 9Bio recognizes the value of strategic alliances in advancing the field of biotechnology. We are enthusiastic to establish new collaborations and delve into how our technology can be leveraged to optimize the capabilities of protein therapeutics or tools that excite you.

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