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Tender notice title: 23-047 Long-term Renewable Electricity Supply

Publication date 2023/10/10

Closing date and time 2023/11/06 18:00 EST

AEE details

Provide Hydrogen Renewable Planning and Engineering Services

AEE has a team of hydrogen and wind experts to provide planning and engineering services for your decarbonization goals. AEE is well versed with transmission planning and grid interconnection requirements to enble reliable energy supply. AEE has permit and environmental team members to provide external stakeholder engagement to comply with regulators. AEE is well equipped with design engineering of the electrical network and understands the technical standards and operating requirements of the operators. AEE has developed past hydrogen and hybrid solutions for both operator and stakeholder investors and can tailor the solution with various options to meet climate goals.

First name Wayne


Last name Lee


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