Other tendering websites

Here is a list of other tendering sites that you can access to sell to Canadian provincial and territorial governments, as well as international governments.

Canadian public procurement gateways

Here are some available websites you can use to search for tender opportunities across Canada.

Provincial and territorial government procurement

Check out these websites to find tender opportunities from Canadian provincial and territorial governments:

United States government procurement

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service provides tools and guidance on how to sell to the US government. You can also search directly on these websites:

European Union government procurement

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service provides a guide for exporting services to the European Union (EU). Here are some other resources for finding public tender opportunities from the EU:

Other international governments procurement websites

Global Bid Opportunity Finder is a free web application that gives Canadian businesses access to bid opportunities from around the world in both official languages.

Canada has negotiated access to international government procurement markets through Free Trade Agreements. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service helps businesses navigate international markets. Here are some websites you can use to find international tender opportunities under some of those Free Trade Agreements.

Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement

Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement

Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement

Canada-Panama Free Trade Agreement

Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement

Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement

Comprehensive and progressive trans-pacific partnership

World trade organization agreement on government procurement


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