Veterinary Services, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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Contract number 3000776440

Solicitation number 5000075637

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Contract value

CAD 110,856.22


    This contract was awarded to:

    VPC Neuropath Consulting Inc

    Title: Veterinary Services, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

    Solicitation Number: 5000075637

    UNSPSC: 7012000, 70121800, 7012200, 70122005

    1. Summary

    Environment and Climate Change Canada is seeking to obtain veterinary care for all vertebrate animals being held and treated by staff in the Aquatic Life Research Facility (ALRF) located at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters in Burlington and the participation as the required veterinarian member of the Ontario and Québec Region Aquatic Animal Care Committee (ACC) for the fiscal years 2024-25, 2025-26, 2026-27, 2027-28, 2028-29, 2029-30.

    Basis of Selection - Highest Combined Rating of Technical Merit (60%) and Price (40%).

    A maximum of one (1) contract will be awarded.

    The period of the contract is from April 1st, 2024, to March 31, 2030, inclusive.

    Environment and Climate Change Canada has established funding for this project at the following maximum amounts:

    YEAR 1: April 1st 2024 to March 31st, 2025 $15,234.00, applicable Taxes excluded
    YEAR 2: April 1st 2025 to March 31st, 2026 $15,615.00, applicable Taxes excluded
    YEAR 3: April 1st 2026 to March 31st, 2027 $16,544.00, applicable Taxes excluded
    YEAR 4: April 1st 2027 to March 31st, 2028 $16,405.00, applicable Taxes excluded
    YEAR 5: April 1st 2028 to March 31st, 2029 $16,816.00, applicable Taxes excluded
    YEAR 6: April 1st 2029 to March 31st, 2030 $17,788.00, applicable Taxes excluded

    2. Security

    There is no security requirement associated with this solicitation.
    3. Integrity Provisions

    Bidders must provide a list of names, or other related information as needed, pursuant to section 01 Integrity Provisions of Standard Instructions 2003.
    4. Service Requirements

    For services requirements, bidders in receipt of a pension or a lump sum payment must provide the required information as detailed in article 2.3 of Part 2 of the bid solicitation.
    5. Trade Agreements

    The requirement is not subject to the Trade Agreement.
    6. Social Procurement

    Environment and Climate Change Canada supports the Government of Canada’s social and economic objectives, including increasing the participation of businesses from under-represented groups in government procurement opportunities. As such, bidders owned or led by Canadians from under-represented groups, such as women, LGBTQ2+ persons, persons with disabilities and persons from visible minorities are encouraged to submit a bid to this opportunity.
    7. Debriefings

    Bidders may request a debriefing on the results of the bid solicitation process. Bidders should make the request to the Contracting Authority within 15 working days from receipt of the results of the bid solicitation process. The debriefing may be in writing, by telephone or in person.
    8. Official Languages

    Environment and Climate Change Canada provides procurement services in both official languages. Bidders may submit a bid in the official language of their choice.
    9. Additional Information

    For additional information, interested suppliers must contact the Contracting Officer named in this Notice.

    Business address

    1111 Scenic Drive

    Hamilton, Ontario, L9C 1H8
    Notice type
    Request for Proposal
    Procurement method
    Competitive – Open Bidding
    Selection criteria
    Highest Combined Rating of Technical Merit and Price
    Region(s) of delivery

    Contract duration

    The contract will be for a period of 72 month(s), from 2024/04/01 to 2030/03/31.

    Commodity - UNSPSC

    • 70120000 - Livestock services
    • 70121800 - Pets industry
    • 70122000 - Animal health
    • 70122005 - Animal health preventive medication services

    Trade agreements

    • No trade agreements are applicable to this solicitation process

    Reason for limited tendering

    A contracting officer can use limited tendering for specific reasons outlined in the applicable trade agreements. The reason for this contract is described below:

    • None
    Contact information

    Contracting organization

    Environment and Climate Change Canada

    351 Saint-Joseph Boulevard

    Gatineau, Quebec, K1A 0H3
    Contracting authority
    Michel Larivière
    (819) 938-3816

    351 Saint-Joseph Boulevard

    Gatineau, Quebec, K1A 0H3
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