Fixed gear sentinel fisheries in NAFO Division 4S.

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    The Department of Fisheries and Oceans requires fixed gear sentinel fisheries services in NAFO Division 4S. These sentinel surveys are a useful part of the cod stock assessment in the Northern Gulf of St Lawrence. They have been performed annually since 1995. Although the sentinel program has several components, this statement of work covers only gillnet and longline surveys in Quebec (NAFO division 4S).

    The Contractor is responsible for coordinating with the masters of the vessels that will be used to perform the services detailed below. Sentinel fishers must fish 2 to 4 times a week at each of the 11 sites over a period of 12 to 16 weeks according to the protocol provided by DFO Science Branch and under the supervision of the contractor's coordinator. The total number of fishing trips is approximately 285. The contractor must also collect two cod samples (max 170 fish/sample) per month (June, July, August and September), for a total of 8 samples, at different sites in division 4S. The exact number of units and samples for condition will depend on the value of the selected tender.
    Fishing activities must take place along the North Shore of the Gulf of St Lawrence in the following areas or other acceptable areas: Port-Cartier, Kégaska, Natasquan, Tête à la Baleine, Mutton Bay, Harrington Harbour, Rivière St-Paul and Blanc-Sablon.
    All areas use only gillnets expect for the Eastern area, which uses both gillnets and longlines.
    The contractor must hire a field technician or retain the services of an at-sea observer certified by a company accredited by DFO to cover the fishing period of 12 to 16 weeks and monitor activities in the field. Field technicians or at-sea observers help improve data quality and facilitate communications between fishers and the contractor. The goal is to ensure the scientific protocol (Refer to Appendix 1 – Protocol) is correctly followed.
    A logbook must be filled out (gear, effort, site, etc.) for each fishing trip, the fish caught must be weighed, counted and measured (cod), and cod otolith samples must be collected.
    Depending on the availability of the company offering dockside weighing services, fishers will have to weigh their catch at the dock on returning from each fishing trip, especially in June and July (at the contractor's cost).
    During the regular fishing season, fishers must collect two cod samples per month (June, July, August and September) at different sites in division 4S, and the cod will be frozen for future analysis in the laboratory. The data collected for condition include fish weight and length, otolith samples and organ weights (stomach, liver, gonads). These data must be entered into the sentinel database ("fixed gear" database provided by DFO) and emailed to DFO science representatives by November.
    The contractor's staff must apply the science protocol (Refer to Appendix 1 – Protocol) (applicable under this contract) according to DFO requirements for data collection. Once the fishing season is over, the data set will be entered into the "fixed gear" file (logbook, fish data), validated and delivered (electronic version) in November of each year. All data collected are the property of DFO. The contractor may not make the data it collects public.
    The contractor must communicate sentinel sampling activities to fishers and fishers' organizations and to DFO management and science branch representatives.
    The following deliverables apply under this project:
    1. List of fishing trips (number of trips per site, catch per trip and number of cod samples for condition) in June and July before July 31st, each year.
    2. All data collected in June, July, August and September (information on fishing trips, catches, length frequencies, conditions and other), and otolith, fish or other samples required under the scientific protocol (Refer to Appendix 1 – Protocol) or special sampling. Samples must be clearly identified with the date, fishing location, vessel name and project number and sent to DFO by November 30th, each year.

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    Advance Contract Award Notice
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    Quebec (except NCR)

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    The contract will be for a period of 35 month(s), from 2023/06/09 to 2026/05/31.

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    • 25111502 - Fishing boats
    • 25111534 - Research vessel
    • 78101701 - Domestic vessel transport services

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    • Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)

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    Fisheries and Oceans Canada

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    Marie-Carmen Sedji
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