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Capital Illumination Plan - Lighting and Urban Design Consultant Services

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Contract number 592745

Solicitation number AL1580

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CAD 168,765.00


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    The National Capital Commission (NCC) is looking for a multidisciplinary consultant team to develop an illumination plan for the Core of Canada’s Capital. The Plan is expected to include an implementation strategy that is feasible, cost effective and reflective of the values of its users and of Canadians for this important nationally and internationally recognized urban landscape.
    This project is intended to create a holistic vision for night time illumination of the core of the Capital including both public and private buildings, street lighting, and lighting of select pieces of infrastructure and public art. As part of its mandate to safeguard and enhance the national treasures and to instill pride in Canadians for their Capital, the NCC, in collaboration with the region’s municipal governments and Public Works Government Services Canada (PWGSC), has long been involved in regulating development in order to preserve the visual integrity of the National Symbols and their surroundings The Capital illumination plan should also build on the work of the Parliamentary Precinct Exterior Illumination Master Plan which is in progress, being executed by PWGSC.  
    This plan will provide the background and rationale for a coherent illumination strategy that will unfold in a 10 year implementation strategy. The plan should also provide guidance through a demonstration plan at a level of detail that supports the development of a first project that could be completed by end of 2016. For the 10 year implementation strategy, work will be identified that could be done as part of maintenance and lighting upgrade plans that we believe most of the stakeholders already have in place, or are planning, while identifying specific locations, be they buildings or other infrastructure that could be the focus of more intensive study. A goal of the Illumination Plan will be to propose modest capital investments and to focus on maintenance and lighting updates that are already required, while benchmarking a common goal that the stakeholder group could subscribe to that will serve to focus and guide these same implementation plans.
    The challenge for the Consultant will be to develop a lighting plan of international quality that includes strategies that works collectively with all the major uses of the area and ensure the federal government’s policies, codes, standards and best practices and NCC’s planning and design principles are met.
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    Competitive – Open Bidding

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    Refer to the description above for full details.

    Commodity - GSIN

    • R019F - Consulting Services
    Contact information

    Contracting organization

    National Capital Commission
    40 Elgin Street
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 1C7
    Contracting authority
    Lapensée, Allan
    40 Elgin Street, Suite 202
    Ottawa, ON, K1P 1C7

    Buying organization(s)

    National Capital Commission
    40 Elgin Street
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 1C7
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