ACAN – Pasteurizer Holding Tanks (fabrication and installation)

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Contract number 465-1-31-C19

Solicitation number 465-1-31-C19

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LBP 110,368.00


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    Stanfos Inc

    This Advance Contract Award Notice (ACAN) is a public notice indicating to the supplier community that Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada intends to award a service contract to a pre-identified supplier, thereby allowing other suppliers to signal their interest in bidding, by submitting a Statement of Capabilities. If no supplier submits, a Statement of Capabilities that meets the requirements set out in the ACAN, on or before the closing date stated in this ACAN, the Contracting Officer may then proceed with the award to the pre-identified supplier. REQUIREMENTS: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada will be contracting with Stanfos Inc to provide all labour, material and equipment to fabricate and install a new pasteurizer holding tanks at the AAFC Lacombe Research and Development Centre. The work will include the demolition and removal of the existing tanks and associated piping from the existing system and to fabricate and install two (2) new 200 gallon stainless steel insulated tanks on a mezzanine including all new sanitary supply lines connected to the existing Stanfos Inc pasteurizer system. CRITERIA FOR ASSESSMENT OF THE STATEMENT OF CAPABILITIES : Any interested supplier must demonstrate by way of a statement of capabilities that it meets the following requirements: - Are a vendor who are certified and authorized to install tanks and sanitary supply lines which are compatible with existing Stanfos Inc. pasteurization system. CONTRACT PERIOD: From date of Contract award to March 31, 2023 ESTIMATED VALUE: $104,632.50 CAD PRE-IDENTIFIED SUPPLIER : Stanfos Inc. 3908 69 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 2V2 SOLE SOURCE JUSTIFICATION: The new tanks must to be tied into the existing system and must be compatible with existing controls and systems. Since Stanfos Inc. developed the system, they have the drawings and the requirements, which would otherwise be difficult to assess due to the confined space in which the tanks and plumbing are located. The new tanks must fit the new location while allowing enough space around them to permit staff to perform maintenance on them. The tanks need to hold the same volume of water to enable the system to function as designed. The tanks are insulated with sensors, which tie into the control panel which is proprietary to Stanfos Inc. Government Contracts Regulations Exception and Limited Tendering Reason: Section 6 (d) has been invoked for this procurement as only one supplier (person/firm) is capable of performing the contract. Where, for works of art, or for reasons connected with the protection of patents, copyrights or other exclusive rights, or proprietary information or where there is an absence of competition for technical reasons, the goods or services can be supplied only by a particular supplier and no reasonable alternative or substitute exists. ACAN NOTICE: You are hereby notified that the government intends to negotiate with one firm only as identified above. Should you have any questions concerning this requirement, contact the Contracting Authority. An Advance Contract Award Notice (ACAN) allows departments and agencies to post a notice, for no less than fifteen (15) calendar days, indicating to the supplier community that it intends to award a good, service or construction contract to a pre-identified contractor. If no other supplier submits, on or before the closing date, a Statement of Capabilities that meets the requirements set out in the ACAN, the Contracting Authority may then proceed with the award. However, should a Statement of Capabilities be found to meet the requirements set out in the ACAN, then the Contracting Authority will proceed to a full tendering process. STATEMENT OF CAPABILITIES CLOSING DATE AND TIME: The closing date and time for acceptance of Statement of Capabilities is December 27, 2022, 2:00 pm CST. Suppliers who consider themselves fully qualified and available to provide the services described herein, may submit a statement of capabilities by Email to the contact person identified in this Notice on or before the closing date of this notice. The statement of capabilities must clearly demonstrate how the supplier meets the advertised requirements. The Solicitation Number, Name of Contracting Authority and closing date of the ACAN must appear within your Statement of Capabilities. The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement. CONTRACTING AUTHORITY: Desta Kissack, Senior Contracting Officer Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Western Service Centre 4-303 Main Street Winnipeg, MB R3C 3G7 Phone: (204) 583-8127 Email:

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    3908 - 69 Avenue NW
    Edmonton, Alta, T6B 2V2
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    Competitive - Limited Tendering

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    Refer to the description above for full details.

    Commodity - GSIN

    • 5162A - Water Plumbing and Drain Laying Work
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    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
    1341 Baseline Road
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A0C5
    Contracting authority
    Kissack, Desta
    4-303 Main Street
    Winnipeg, MB, R3C 3G7

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    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
    1341 Baseline Road
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A0C5
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