VIC01 Cooling Upgrade 88/51 Wings

Solicitation number 23-58083

Publication date

Closing date and time 2023/09/20 14:00 EDT

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    VIC01 Cooling Upgrade 88/51 Wings

    The National Research Council Canada, 5071 West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC, has a requirement for a project that includes:

    Work under this contract covers the installation of a new air conditioning system located
    at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Victoria, British Columbia.

    Tender Destination

    a) Tenders are to be submitted by email only:
    National Research Council Canada

    Endorsed “Tender for (insert title of work as it appears in the drawings and specifications)” and
    must bear the name and address of the tenderer.

    b) Unless otherwise specified, the only documents required to be submitted with the tender are the
    Tender form and the Bid Security.

    1. GENERAL

    Questions regarding any aspect of the project are to be addressed to and answered only by the Departmental Representative (or his designate) or the Contracting Authority.

    Any information received other than from the Departmental Representative (or his designate) or the Contracting Authority will be disregarded when awarding the contract and during construction.

    Firms intending to submit tenders on this project should obtain tender documents through the TMA services provider. Addenda, when issued, will be available from the TMA service provider. Firms that elect to base their bids on tender documents obtained from other sources do so at their own risk and will be solely responsible to inform the tender calling authority of their intention to bid. Tender packages are not available for distribution on the actual day of tender closing.


    It is mandatory that the bidder attends one of the site visits at the designated date and time. At least one representative from proponents that intend to bid must attend. The site visits will be held on August 29 and August 30, 2023 at 9:00am PST. Meet Derek Mann at Building VIC-01, Main Entrance, 5071 West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC, V9E 2E7. Bidders who, for any reason, cannot attend one of the specified dates and time will not be given an alternative appointment to view the site and their tenders, therefore, will be considered as non-responsive. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

    - At the site visit, to limit contact and risks:

    o The proponents will sanitize their hands at the hand sanitizing station.

    o The proponents will be asked to sign the Attendance Form. It is the responsibility of all proponents to verify information on the Attendance Form.

    o The site visit will proceed with a maximum of four (4) proponents at a time. Each group will have approximately 20 minutes to review the site. The site visit will continue with the next group of four (4) proponents until each one has had a chance to review the site.

    o The site visits could take longer than usual, therefore anticipate a longer meeting duration.

    o Physical distancing: keeping a distance of at least 2 arms-length (approximately 2 metres) from others may not be possible at all times, therefore the use of NRC issued disposable face coverings to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 is mandatory.

    o The proponents shall not impede safe access to and from the facility.

    - Proposals submitted by bidders who have not attended the site visit or failed to submit their identification and contact information at the site visit will be deemed non-responsive.


    Closing date is September 20, 2023, 2:00pm EDT


    Following the Tender closing, the tender results will be sent by email to all Contractors who submitted a tender.



    This procurement contains a mandatory security requirement as follows:

    1. The Contractor must, at all times during the performance of the Contract, hold a valid Designated Organization Screening (DOS), issued by the Canadian Industrial Security Director (CISD), Public Works Government Services Canada.

    2. The Contractor personnel requiring access to sensitive work site(s) must EACH hold a valid RELIABILITY STATUS, granted or approved by CISD/PWGSC.

    3. The Contractor must comply with the provisions of the:
    a. Security Requirements Checklist attached at Appendix “D”
    b. Industrial Security Manual (Latest Edition) available at:


    1. The Bidder must hold a valid Designated Organization Screening (DOS) issued by the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD), Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), TO BE INCLUDED WITH THEIR TENDER OR PROVIDED WITHIN 48 HOURS FROM THE DATE AND TIME OF TENDER CLOSING. Verifications will be made through CISD to confirm the security clearance status of the Bidder. Failure to comply with this requirement will render the bid non-compliant and no further consideration will be given to the bid.

    2. Within 72 hours of tender closing, the General Contractor must name all of his sub-contractors, each of whom must hold a valid RELIABILITY STATUS, granted or approved by CISD/PWGSC, or any other Federal Department or Agency along with the names and birthdates or security clearance certificate numbers of all personnel who will be assigned to the project.

    3. It is to be noted that any subcontractor required to perform any part of the work during the performance of the subsequent contract must also adhere to the mandatory security requirement of the contract. As well, no personnel without the required level of security will be allowed on site. It will be the responsibility of the successful bidder to ensure that the security requirement is met throughout the performance of the contract. The Crown will not be held liable or accountable for any delays or additional costs associated with the contractor’s non-compliance to the mandatory security requirement. Failure to comply with the mandatory security requirement will be grounds for being declared in default of contract.

    4. For any enquiries concerning the project security requirement during the bidding period, the Bidder/Tenderer must contact the Security Officer @ 613-993-8956.


    All Bidders must provide a valid WSIB certificate with their Tender or prior to contract award.


    1. Clause for solicitation documents and regret letters for unsuccessful bidders

    The Office of the Procurement Ombudsman (OPO) was established by the Government of Canada to provide an independent venue for Canadian bidders to raise complaints regarding the award of federal contracts under $25,300 for goods and under $101,100 for services. Should you have any issues or concerns regarding the award of a federal contract below these dollar amounts, contact OPO by e-mail at, by telephone at 1-866-734-5169, or by web at For more information about OPO, including the available services, please visit the OPO website.

    2. Contract Administration

    The parties understand that the Procurement Ombudsman appointed pursuant to Subsection 22.1 (1) of the Department of Public Works and Government Services Act will review a complaint filed by the complainant respecting the administration of the Contract if the requirements of Subsection 22.2(1) of the Department of Public Works and Government Services Act and Sections 15 and 16 of the Procurement Ombudsman Regulations have been met.

    To file a complaint, the Office of the Procurement Ombudsmai1 may be contacted by e-mail at, by telephone at 1-866-734-5169, or by web at

    3. Dispute Resolution

    The Parties agree to make every reasonable eff01i, in good faith, to settle amicably all disputes or claims relating to or arising from the Contract, through negotiations between the Parties’ representatives authorized to settle. If the Parties do not reach a settlement within 10 working days, each party hereby consents to fully participate in ai1d bear the cost of mediation led by the Procurement Ombudsman pt1rsuai1t to Subsection 22.1(3)(d) of the Department of Public Work and Government Services Act and Section 23 of the Procurement Ombudsman Regulations.

    The Office of the Procurement Ombudsman may be contacted by telephone at 1-866-734-5169, by e-mail at, or by web at

    The Departmental Representative or his designate for this project is: Derek Mann
    Telephone: 250-888-1093

    Contracting Authority for this project is: Tania Backes

    Contract duration

    The estimated contract period will be 4 month(s), with a proposed start date of 2023/09/27.

    Trade agreements

    • Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)

    Reason for limited tendering

    A contracting officer can use limited tendering for specific reasons outlined in the applicable trade agreements. The reason for this contract is described below:

    • None

    Partner with another business

    The functionality to add your company name to the list of interested businesses is temporarily unavailable.

    This list does not replace or affect the tendering procedures for this procurement process. Businesses are still required to respond to bid solicitations, and to compete based on the set criteria. For more information please read the Terms of use.

    Contact information

    Contracting organization

    National Research Council Canada

    1200 Montreal Road

    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0R6
    Contracting authority
    Tania Backes

    1200 Montreal Road

    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0R6
    Bidding details

    Full details regarding this tender opportunity are available in the documents below. Click on the document name to download the file. Contact the contracting officer if you have any questions regarding these documents.

    Tender documents
    Document title Amendment no. Language Unique downloads Date added

    Access the Getting started page for details on how to bid, and more.

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    Summary information

    Notice type
    Request for Proposal
    English, French
    Region(s) of delivery
    Region of opportunity
    British Columbia
    Contract duration
    4 month(s)
    Procurement method
    Competitive – Open Bidding
    Selection criteria
    Lowest Price

    Support for small and medium businesses

    If you have questions about this tender opportunity, please contact the contracting officer, whose information is found in the Contact information tab. 

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