Terms of use for interested businesses lists

Learn more about the terms of use for a list of businesses that are interested in partnering on an active tender opportunity.

CanadaBuys provides a way for businesses to let others know if they are interested in partnering on an active tender opportunity. Businesses do this by adding their contact information to a list of interested businesses. Their contact information is published and publicly available on the CanadaBuys website. Consult the guide on how to signal your interest in partnering for an active tender to learn more.

This service is only available on CanadaBuys. It only includes businesses that have viewed tender opportunities and expressed their interest on this website and not businesses that may have done so through a third-party service provider (such as MERX or biddingo). A list of interested businesses is not part of the official tender solicitation package and is not available in the open tenders data file.

The list of interested businesses for a specific tender opportunity does not replace or affect the processes in place for that opportunity. Businesses must still respond to bid solicitations and compete based on established bid criteria.

Participating in a list of interested businesses

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), on behalf of the Government of Canada, manages the lists of interested businesses. The self-identified businesses acknowledge and agree that PSPC reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without notice, to remove or exclude businesses from the lists that:

  • provide or are likely to provide sexually exploitative or sexually explicit entertainment, products or services
  • market products or services that are illegal or restrained by court order (e.g., court order on the right of a company to use a trademark)
  • misrepresent the company name or first and last name fields and/or include superfluous marketing material
  • may be, or whose activities may be, inconsistent or not compliant with federal or provincial legislation, policies or programs

Removing or editing a business listing

Businesses can only edit or remove their business name and contact information from the list of interested businesses while the associated tender is active. When the tender closing date has passed, the list remains visible but cannot be changed. No contacts can be added or removed. The list will be unpublished once the tender is awarded, cancelled or expired and the tender notice is archived. Archived information cannot be altered or updated according to Government of Canada standards.

Businesses complete an online form to submit their information to join the list of interested businesses for a specific tender. After the form is submitted businesses receive a confirmation email with a link to they can use to view, edit or remove their interested business listing. Businesses should keep this email so they can edit or delete their listing at a later date.

Learn more about how to edit a business listing.

Businesses that no longer have the original confirmation email can contact the Service Desk.

Accuracy of information

Businesses provide information on a voluntary basis and are responsible for ensuring it is accurate and reliable. PSPC is not responsible for the accuracy or the reliability of the contents in any of the lists of interested businesses.

No endorsement

Businesses voluntarily add their contact and social media information on a list of interested businesses. The list is provided solely for the convenience of businesses. PSPC does not:

  • offer any guarantee in that regard, or any other regards and is not responsible for the information found through these links
  • endorse businesses that are found on any lists
  • take any responsibility for the re-use of the information by any organization or entity

Accepting these terms of use

Businesses access to, and use of, the list of interested businesses associated to any active tender notice is subject to their acceptance of the above terms of use.

PSPC may, at its sole discretion, change, add, or remove all or any part of the terms of use from time to time. These changes shall become part of the terms of use and shall be effective as soon as the revised version is published on CanadaBuys.

PSPC will inform businesses when a revised terms of use is published by posting a news article and sending an email notification.


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