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Titre de l'avis d'appel d'offres: 9F012-220256_OSIRIS-REx-Projet clé en main (conception – construction) d’installation de conservation d’échantillon (salle blanche)

Date de publication 2023/05/15

Date et heure de clôture 2023/07/04 14:00 HAE

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We Create Your Environment

ACH Engineering is a trusted partner to materialize, execute, and maintain the project with exceptional attention to details, effectively communicating with our manufacturing facilities and partners to ensure a smooth delivery of the project. We provide General Contracting (GC) and serve as a one stop shop for all controlled environment, cleanroom, and any other applications. Our contracting services include: Civil Construction Modular Walls Installation Suspended Ceilings & Walkable Ceilings Installation GMP Flush Windows / Doors Installation Mechanical (HVAC) systems Construction Fire Protection Systems Construction Plumbing and Drainage Construction Electrical Systems Construction Manufacturing Systems and Equipment Installation Lab Furniture Installation

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Director of Business Operations

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