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Reporting suspicious activity in federal contracts

Did you know that tip lines are, by far, the most common way that fraud schemes are detected? That is why the Government of Canada has a dedicated tip line to report suspicious activity in federal contracts.

As a supplier or an employee of a supplier, you may come across information about possible cheating or fraud in federal government contracts. It could be happening within your company or industry, with another competitor, or a business acquaintance and you might not know how to proceed.

Let’s make it easier to report by breaking down some myths about the Federal Contracting Fraud Tip Line

Myth 1

Reporting will take a long time and is a complex process.

Myth 2

If I report possible fraud in government contracts, I might be fired or shut out of my industry.

Myth 3

It must be an error, fraud is something that only happens in the movies.

Myth 4

I can’t report my suspicions until I have gathered all the facts.

Myth 5

I don’t know anything about fraud, I’m not the right person to report.


Reporting suspicious activity in federal contracts to the Federal Contracting Fraud Tip Line is simple and takes only a few minutes. You do not need a special log-in or account. Provide only the information you have and we will take it from there.


Protecting the identities of individuals who provide information is important to us. Remember, you may report anonymously without providing your name or contact information. Submitting a tip helps to ensure that those who are cheating or committing fraud are brought to justice and that honest businesses have a fair and level playing field. Reporting is the right thing to do.


People may be reluctant to believe that colleagues, competitors, or industry leaders could commit fraud in a federal contract. But fraud happens in large and small companies, in government entities and the private sector. It’s possible that it is an error, but sometimes red flags are a sign that a broader, possibly illegal, scheme is at play. These schemes can often only be uncovered if people like you report.

Remember, if you see something suspicious or unfair in a federal contract, report it!


All tips are valuable and may be the only way to stop a particular fraud from happening. It’s ok if you don’t have all the details. Although more information is better, provide only what you have. If fraudulent activity is occurring, it is critical to report it early to minimize financial loss and reputational harm.

If you need help in submitting your tip, you can refer to what to include in your tip.


Most tipsters are not fraud experts. Simply telling us what you know, in your own words, is all that is needed.


Something doesn’t look right? Report it!

We all play an important role in the fight against fraud. You can choose how to report:


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