Preparing to sell to the government

Interested in doing business with the Government of Canada but not sure where to start? We’ll help you learn how to use CanadaBuys, our suite of procurement tools and services.


Registering your business is your first step! This will let you bid on opportunities and receive contracts.

SAP Ariba account

You’ll need this account to bid on opportunities posted by Public Services and Procurement Canada.

Find out how to register in Ariba

Indigenous Business Directory

Did you know if your business is fully or partially Indigenous-owned, you can join the directory?

Learn about the Indigenous Business Directory

CRA business number

If you win a contract, you’ll need a business number from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) before it can be finalized.

Get a CRA business number

Procurement Business Number

You’ll need to register for a Procurement Business Number (PBN) if you receive a Government of Canada contract that isn’t processed through SAP Ariba.

Learn how to get a Procurement Business Number


Search for and bid on tender opportunities matched to your business, find partnerships, and subscribe to notifications.

Learn more about what the government buys

Find tender opportunities

Learn how to search for and view tender opportunities, access open procurement data, and more!

Get tips on how to search for opportunities

Subscribe for notifications

You can subscribe to receive updates on a selected notice or saved search by email or in a web feed

Learn how to follow a search or notice

Partner with another business

Want to increase your visibility among other businesses and connect with them directly? CanadaBuys provides an easy way for businesses to partner on active tender opportunities.

Learn how to partner with other businesses

Bid on tender opportunities

Found an opportunity that interests you, but not sure where to start with a bid? We can walk you through the bidding process.

Find out what makes up a bid


Government departments and agencies use standing offers and supply arrangements to meet their reoccurring needs or to buy repeat goods.

Join a standing offer

A standing offer is a list of suppliers who are pre-qualified to provide goods or services at firm price, when needed. To join one, you bid on it the same way as any other opportunity.

Learn more about standing offers

Join a supply arrangement

Supply arrangements allow bids to be solicited from a pool of pre-qualified suppliers for specific requirements. They are generally issued following a Request for Supply Arrangements (RFSAs) process.

Learn more about supplier arrangements


Need some extra guidance to make the government procurement process as simple as possible? We offer a variety of programs and initiatives that can help

Sign up for learning events

Want more advice on how to sell goods and services to the government? Procurement Assistance Canada offers free seminars to businesses.

Check out a list of upcoming events

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