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Using ServiceNow

Learn about the service management software that allows users from Public Services and Procurement Canada to submit tickets to the Service Desk, access a database of solutions and more.

Access ServiceNow

Access the tool by logging in to your CanadaBuys account and then clicking the “ServiceNow” button on the public service applications page.

Log in to access ServiceNow

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How-to guides

Check out the guides below for help with using ServiceNow. Before contacting the Service Desk, you can also try searching through the knowledge base in ServiceNow for a solution to your issue.

Note: You will need to log in to your account first before clicking the links to view most of these guides.


Download the mobile app

Access SAP Ariba from your mobile device.

Download the SAP Ariba app on the App Store
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Log in to access your SAP Ariba account or other online procurement accounts.

Get an overview of our policies and guidelines, procurement process, and more.

Learn about terms that you will use in the new online procurement services. 

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