Programs and initiatives

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) develops and provides various programs and initiatives aimed at improving the procurement process when doing business with government. 

Looking to buy? Increase your buying power by joining the Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative. Selling to the government? Join to take advantage of economic benefits.

Controlled Goods Program

Registering with the Controlled Goods Program is the first step towards being able to examine, possess, or transfer controlled goods in Canada.

Planning to bid or work on an opportunity that comes with security requirements? This program helps you through the security screening process and with meeting requirements.

Get certified by the Joint Certification Program if you will be bidding and working on contracts that involve critical technical data for the military.

Procurement Assistance Canada 

Are you part of a small or diverse business? Procurement Assistance Canada is there to support you! Get help with bidding on Government of Canada contracts, attend webinars, learn about the procurement process, and more.

PSPC is working on applying accessibility requirements to government procurement. The goal is ensuring the goods and services we buy are accessible to everyone, including persons with disabilities.

Easier, faster and more accessible. Check out how the Better Buying program plans to improve procurement for both suppliers and buyers.

Help federal departments and agencies meet their green procurement targets by integrating environmental performance considerations into the procurement process.



Our procurement strategies aim to support industrial and regional benefits or other national objectives, while defining how goods and services will be procured.

Procurement support for Indigenous businesses that can help your business compete for government contracts, have access to procurement tools, find partnerships, and more.

National Procurement Strategy to Address Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels

Standing offers and supply arrangements are set up with qualified suppliers to promote the goals related to the Wrecked, abandoned or hazardous vessels project.

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