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Contract number 57101-23-4356664

Solicitation number 57101-23-4356664

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CAD 197,889.42


    This contract was awarded to:

    Yvonne Lovich

    The following is a summary of the statement of work for this requirement.

    The Correctional Service Canada has a requirement to provide case management services i.e. supervision, risk assessment, urinalysis collection, report writing, etc., for offenders on conditional release and offenders subject to a Long-Term Supervision Order (LTSO).

    Objectives: In accordance with the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA), the purpose of conditional release is to contribute to the protection of society. One of the ways that this legislative mandate is fulfilled is to assist offenders to reintegrate into the community as law-abiding citizens. The CCRA requires that the Correctional Service Canada (CSC) ensure that programs, plans, and supervision are in place in institutions and the community to assist in an offender’s reintegration.

    To assist CSC in meeting its mandate, there are times when CSC will contract with independent agencies/individuals to provide case management services i.e. supervision, risk assessment, urinalysis collection, report writing, etc., for offenders on conditional release.

    Deliverables: The Contractor must follow all legislation and policies pertaining to the management and supervision of offenders under federal jurisdiction, in the completion of tasks related to the Statement of Work.

    The Contractor must contact the Project Authority or his/her designate for any clarification/inquiries relating to this contract, and/or CSC legislation and policies.

    Where the Contractor has been provided with direct access to OMS in read/write mode, the Contractor will be responsible for entries in relation to the services identified above in accordance with applicable legislation and policies. Where the Contractor has not been provided with direct access to OMS, the Contractor must forward entries in relation to services identified above to CSC, as directed by the Project Authority and agreed upon by the Contractor, in accordance with all security requirements.
    The Contractor must ensure that if, upon release, the offender fails to contact the Contractor at the scheduled time of arrival and no valid circumstances can be determined, immediate action is taken to advise the Technical Authority of the offender’s failure to arrive. If the Technical Authority is not available during normal working hours, the Contractor must contact a Parole Officer Supervisor (POS). The Contractor must contact the National Monitoring Centre (NMC) after-hours.

    During the period of this contract, should the offender’s behaviour deteriorate, should he/she be in violation of any release conditions, or if there are any indications that the offender’s risk has increased, the Contractor must inform the Technical Authority without delay. The person delegated under section 135 of the CCRA, in conjunction with the Technical Authority, must take appropriate measures to ensure public safety and document such measures accordingly. The Contractor must contact the National Monitoring Centre (NMC) after-hours.

    The Contractor must immediately advise the Technical Authority or the NMC after-hours when any information has been received that would be relevant to CSC to make decisions in the event that interventions are required, and when reliable information exists that the offender has:
    a. been charged with or is planning to commit a new offence;
    b. violated or is about to violate a term or condition of release;
    c. not reported and whereabouts are unknown; or,
    d. been involved in any other situation which would lead to the conclusion that continued release would constitute an undue risk to society,

    Business address


    N/A, Alberta, N/A
    Notice type
    Request for Proposal
    Procurement method
    Competitive – Open Bidding
    Selection criteria
    Not applicable
    Region(s) of delivery

    Contract duration

    The contract will be for a period of 60 month(s), from 2023/07/01 to 2028/06/30.

    Commodity - UNSPSC

    • 85122100 - Rehabilitation services

    Trade agreements

    • No trade agreements are applicable to this solicitation process

    Reason for limited tendering

    A contracting officer can use limited tendering for specific reasons outlined in the applicable trade agreements. The reason for this contract is described below:

    • None
    Contact information

    Contracting organization

    Teri Fraser

    3427 Faithfull Avenue

    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 3X5
    Contracting authority
    Yvonne Lovich
    N/A, Alberta,


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