Evening Janitorial Services for Lacombe Central Office

Solicitation number RFP 0688

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Closing date and time 2023/03/21 15:00 EDT

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    Date: February [15], 2023 COMPETITIVE BID Issued by: Agriculture Financial Services Corporation COMPETITIVE BID FOR: Evening Janitorial Services for Lacombe Central Office COMPETITIVE BID #: 0688 CONTRACTED SERVICE: Evening Janitorial Services for Lacombe Central Office CLOSING: March 21, 2023 @ 1:00 pm (MST) AFSC BUYER: Kathy Walker TITLE: Buyer, Business Services ADDRESS: AFSC Purchasing Department 5718 56th Avenue Lacombe, Alberta T4L 1B1 PHONE: 587-815-6146 FAX : 403-782-5650 E-MAIL: RFP@AFSC.ca Competitive Bid #, Submission Deadline, and Proponent’s Return Address must appear on face of the envelope. TABLE OF CONTENTS: TERMS AND CONDITIONS - 1 - 1.0 INTRODUCTION - 1 - 1.1 DEFINITIONS - 1 - 1.2 MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS AND DESIRABLE PROVISIONS - 1 - 1.3 CONFIDENTIALITY AND SECURITY OF INFORMATION - 2 - 1.4 MATERIAL OWNERSHIP - 2 - 1.5 CONFLICT OF INTEREST - 2 - 1.6 INACCURACIES OR MISREPRESENTATIONS - 3 - 1.7 INQUIRIES - 3 - 1.8 BLACKOUT PERIOD - 4 - 1.9 LIABILITY FOR ERRORS - 4 - 1.10 NOTIFICATION OF CHANGES - 4 - 1.11 VENDOR’S EXPENSES - 5 - 1.12 SHORT LISTING - 5 - 1.13 RESOURCE REPLACEMENT - 5 - 1.14 FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AND PROTECTION OF PRIVACY - 5 - 1.15 RESERVATION OF RIGHTS - 6 - 1.16 COMPETITIVE BID ADMINISTRATION - 6 - 1.17 AFSC’S POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR SECURITY AND TRAINING ON SITE - 7 - 1.18 VENDOR DEBRIEFING - 7 - 2.0 STATEMENT OF WORK - 8 - 2.1 INTRODUCTION - 8 - 2.2 BACKGROUND - 8 - 2.3 OBJECTIVES - 8 - 2.4 DURATION - 8 - 2.5 REQUIREMENTS - 9 - 2.5.1 GOODS OR SERVICES - 9 - 2.5.2 DELIVERY, INSTALLATION & WARRANTY - 10 - 2.5.3 TRAINING - 10 - 2.5.4 MAINTENANCE/SUPPORT - 10 - 2.5.5 SERVICE LEVELS - 11 - 2.6 CORPORATE CAPABILITIES AND EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - 12 - 2.7 RESOURCES - 12 - 2.8 IMPLEMENTATION - 14 - 2.9 VALUE ADD - 14 - 2.10 APPROACH - 14 - 2.11 SECURITY - 15 - 2.12 TESTING - 15 - 2.13 TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION - 15 - 2.14 DOCUMENTATION (OPTIONAL) - 16 - 2.15 DISCLOSURE - 16 - 2.16 ADDITIONAL SECTIONS CAN BE ADDED AS REQUIRED (OPTIONAL) - 16 - 2.17 PRICING - 16 - 3.0 EVALUATION - 18 - 4.0 CONTRACT REVIEW - 21 - 4.1 NEGOTIATIONS - 22 - 5.0 MASTER SCHEDULE - 21 - 6.0 PROPOSAL SUBMISSION GUIDELINES - 26 - 6.1 PROPOSAL FORMAT - 26 - 6.2 PROPOSAL SUBMISSIONS - 28 - TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1.0 Introduction Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) is an Alberta Provincial Crown Corporation under the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (AI). AFSC’s core programs include business risk management programs and services to the agriculture industry as well as lending products and services to farmers’ agribusinesses, value added enterprises and commercial operations. More detailed information about AFSC is available on the website www.afsc.ca. The objective of this Competitive Bid is for AFSC to solicit Proposals from those qualified in providing the specified services described under section 2.0 of this Competitive Bid. 1.1 Definitions The following abbreviations and terminology are used throughout this Competitive Bid: Term Description Personnel Employees, contractors, subcontractors and agents of the Vendor. Vendor Any business that is registered in Canada and is authorized to operate in Alberta, proposing to submit a Proposal to the Competitive Bid. Competitive Bid Competitive Bid (RFP), Request for Quote (RFQ), Value Based Request (VBR), Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP), Request For Information (RFI), Request for Comment (RFC) Statement of Work The services required by this Competitive Bid as described in section 2.0 of this Competitive Bid. Contract Monitor AFSC representative that will be responsible for the management of the contract that may result from this Competitive Bid. 1.2 Mandatory Requirements and Desirable Provisions Proposals that do not comply with the Competitive Bid requirements will be rejected. “Must”, “shall”, “mandatory” and “will” mean a requirement that must be met in order for the Proposal to receive consideration. For mandatory requirements, the Vendor must provide sufficient information in the Proposals to sustain compliance to the Competitive Bid’s Mandatory requirements. “Should” and “desirable” mean a provision having a significant degree of importance to the objectives of the Competitive Bid. For desirable/optional provisions, the Vendor’s Proposal should provide details of how the desirable/optional provisions are addressed. 1.2.1 Mandatory Site Tour All Respondents must have an authorized representative attend the mandatory site tour and sign-off the mandatory site tour registration form (Appendix D). Location 5718 56 Ave Lacombe, AB Date and Time March 2, 2023 @ 11:00 am (MST) All Respondents attending the mandatory site tour are required to complete the pre-registration form and email to the information provided in Appendix E – Pre-Registered Site Visit Form by February 27, 2023. AFSC will have a representative available to conduct the tour and answer any questions that Respondents may have. There will be no follow-up tours for any subcontractors. Respondents must arrange to bring with them any subcontractors during the mandatory site tour and list them in the Pre-Registered Site Visit Form. Responses will not be considered for evaluation without the signed mandatory site tour registration form (Appendix D). 1.3 Confidentiality and Security of Information The Vendor and the Vendor’s personnel shall: a) Keep strictly confidential all information concerning AFSC or third parties, or any of the business or activities of AFSC or third parties acquired as result of participation in the Competitive Bid. b) Only use, copy or disclose such information as necessary for the purpose of submitting a Proposal or upon written authorization of AFSC. The Vendor shall maintain security standards, including control of access to data and other information, consistent with the highest standards of business practice in the Vendor’s industry. 1.4 Material Ownership Ownership in all materials including copyright, patent, trade secret, industrial design or trade mark that are made, prepared, developed, generated, produced or acquired under or in relation to the Competitive Bid and any subsequent contract by the Vendor, the Vendor’s employees, subcontractors or agents belongs to AFSC as they are made, prepared, developed, generated, produced or acquired. Any such materials shall be delivered to AFSC upon completion or termination of the Competitive Bid. The Vendor: a) Irrevocably waives in whole all moral rights. b) Shall ensure that its employees, subcontractors and agents irrevocably waive in whole all moral rights to the materials made, prepaid, developed, generated produced, or acquired under the Competitive Bid and any subsequent contract and declares that these waivers shall operate in favour of AFSC and AFSC’s assignees and licenses. 1.5 Conflict of Interest Vendor(s) must fully disclose, in writing to AFSC on or before the closing date of the Competitive Bid, the circumstances of any possible conflict of interest or what could be perceived as a possible conflict of interest if the Vendor were to become a contracting party pursuant to the Competitive Bid. AFSC will review any submissions by Vendor(s) under this provision and may reject any Proposals where, in the sole opinion of AFSC, the Vendor could be in a conflict of interest or could be perceived to be in a possible conflict of interest position if the Vendor were to become a contracting party pursuant to the Competitive Bid. 1.6 Inaccuracies or Misrepresentations If, in the course of the Competitive Bidding process, AFSC determines that the Vendor has made a material misstatement or misrepresentation or that materially inaccurate information has been provided to AFSC, the Vendor will be disqualified from the Competitive Bidding process. 1.7 Inquiries All inquiries related to this Competitive Bid must be addressed to the AFSC Buyer on or before the date specified in the Master Schedule and as per the following: a) Inquiries must be sent by e-mail to the AFSC Buyer at RFP@afsc.ca, utilizing the Q&A template provided. b) No telephone inquiries will be accepted. c) No additional information or clarifications will be provided to inquiries received after the applicable deadline. d) In order to be considered, all inquiries must provide the following Vendor information: • Name of Primary Contact • Address • Telephone number • E-mail address • Competitive Bid Reference Number. e) All inquiries received will be reviewed by AFSC. f) All inquiries will be compiled and answered in the form of written Addendum(s) issued by AFSC via Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) to all prospective Vendor(s). g) Vendor(s) are advised that all inquiries answered by AFSC will be provided verbatim in writing to all prospective Vendor(s). h) Inquiries that may contain proprietary or confidential information of a Vendor may be answered exclusively to the submitting Vendor (AFSC will direct the correspondence regarding this inquiry only to the Vendor’s Primary Contact) provided the Addendum does not: • Require a modification to this Competitive Bid; or • Potentially provide an undue advantage in the competitive process. i) If either of the above situations (h) arises, AFSC reserves the right to: • Request the Vendor reword and resubmit the inquiry; or • Decline to provide a response. j) AFSC reserves the right to not disclose information in conjunction with this Competitive Bid on any inquiry that requires releasing information that AFSC, in its sole discretion, regards as confidential to AFSC. k) AFSC reserves the right in any event to decline to provide a Proposal for any reason in its sole discretion. l) It is the Vendor’s responsibility to notify AFSC, in writing, and in advance, of any change in the Vendor(s) Primary Contact Information. m) AFSC assumes no responsibility or liability arising from information obtained in a manner other than as described in this Competitive Bid. 1.8 Blackout Period With respect to the Competitive Bid, AFSC prohibits communications initiated by a Vendor to any AFSC employee, other than the Purchasing Department, for the period of time from the submission date of the Competitive Bid up to and including the date of contract award resulting from this Competitive Bid. Any communication between a Vendor and AFSC during the Blackout Period will be initiated by AFSC, in writing, for the purpose of obtaining information or clarification necessary in order to ensure a proper and accurate evaluation of the Proposal. Any communication initiated by a Vendor during the Blackout Period may be grounds for disqualifying the offending Vendor from further consideration for the acquisition and/or any future AFSC solicitations. AFSC will notify all Vendors upon award of a contract from this requisition. Accordingly, Vendors are asked to refrain from requesting status updates during the proposal evaluation process. Vendors who are currently engaged in an active contract with AFSC may continue to communicate directly with the AFSC Contract Monitor as it relates to activities covered under the active contract. 1.9 Liability for Errors While every effort is taken to ensure an accurate representation of information in this Competitive Bid, AFSC shall not be liable or accountable for any error or omission in any part of this Competitive Bid. 1.10 Notification of Changes Any changes to this Competitive Bid, as well as the Response(s) to inquiries, will be posted as an addendum on the Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC). Vendors should routinely check APC for amendments and adhere to any amendment requirements. In the event of a Directed Competitive Bid, Vendors should routinely check the email address the Bid was delivered to for amendments. 1.11 Vendor’s Expenses Vendors are solely responsible for their own expenses in preparing the Proposal, as well as any subsequent Proposals, including any costs associated with attendance to Information sessions, site tours or a potential short-listed Vendor’s interview with AFSC. 1.12 Short-Listing A short-list of Vendors may be established. Short-listed Vendors may be requested to make formal presentations, regarding their Proposal to AFSC. Key Vendor management and technical personnel will be expected to participate in the presentations. This process is used to validate claims made in the Proposal and confirm the Vendor’s ability to meet the requirements in the Competitive Bid. These presentations must be made at no cost to AFSC. Based on information obtained at the presentation, Vendors’ scores may be adjusted. 1.13 Resource Replacement Resource replacement is not encouraged, however, there could be circumstances following the Competitive Bids closing date and prior to contract execution that a Vendor may request that a proposed resource be replaced. Any proposed resource replacement must have, in the opinion of AFSC, equivalent or better qualifications than the originally proposed resource. Vendors will not receive additional credit in the evaluation process if the qualifications of the replacement resource exceed those of the original resource. AFSC reserves the right to deny any request for replacement and reject any proposed replacement. 1.14 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy The Vendor acknowledges that: a) Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) applies to all information and records relating to, or obtained, generated, created, collected or provided under the Competitive Bid and any subsequent contract and which are in the custody or control of AFSC. FOIP allows any person a right of access to records in AFSC’s custody or control, subject to limited and specific exceptions as set out in FOIP. b) FOIP imposes an obligation on AFSC, and through the Competitive Bid and any subsequent contract on the Vendor(s), to protect the privacy of individuals to whom information relates. The Vendor(s) will protect the confidentiality and privacy of any individual’s Personal Information accessible to the Vendor(s) or collected by the Vendor(s) pursuant to the Competitive Bid and any subsequent contract. c) The Vendor(s), if it considers portions of its Proposal to be confidential, will identify those parts of its Proposal to AFSC considered to be confidential and what harm could reasonably be expected from disclosure. AFSC does not warrant that this identification will preclude disclosure under FOIP. d) Materials produced by the Vendor(s), in connection with or pursuant to the Competitive Bid and any subsequent contract, which are the property AFSC pursuant to the Competitive Bid and any subsequent contract, could be considered records under the control of a public body and could therefore also be subject to the FOIP before delivery to AFSC. As such, the Vendor must conduct itself to a standard consistent with FOIP in relation to such materials. e) For the records and information obtained or possessed by the Vendor(s) in connection with or pursuant to the Competitive Bid and any subsequent contract, and which are in the custody or control of AFSC, the Vendor(s) must conduct itself to a standard consistent with FOIP when providing the services or carrying out the duties or other obligations of the Vendor under the Competitive Bid and any subsequent contract. The purpose for collecting Personal Information for the Competitive Bid is to enable AFSC to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information, to evaluate the Proposal, and for other related program purposes of AFSC. Authority for this collection is the Government Organization Act, as amended from time to time. The Vendor(s) may contact the Buyer identified in the Competitive Bid regarding any questions about collection of information pursuant to the Competitive Bid. 1.15 Reservation of Rights AFSC reserves the right in its sole discretion to: a) Accept or reject any or all Proposals. b) Disqualify a Vendor in the event that, in AFSC’s opinion, the Proposal does not contain sufficient information to permit a thorough evaluation. c) Verify the validity of the information supplied and to reject any Proposal where the contents appear to be incorrect or inaccurate in AFSC’s estimation. d) Seek Proposal clarification at any time with Vendor(s) to assist in making evaluations. e) Accept Proposals in whole or in part. f) Accept a Proposal with only minor non-compliance. g) Retain one copy and destroy and dispose of all other copies of any and all Proposals received by AFSC. h) Cancel this Competitive Bid process at any stage, without award or compensation to Vendors, their officers, directors, employees or agents, without assigning any reasons. 1.16 Competitive Bid Administration The Proposal must indicate that the Vendor accepts the Procedures set down in this Competitive Bid. In accordance with this Competitive Bid, the Vendor, if it considers portions of its Proposal to be confidential, shall identify those parts of its Proposal to AFSC considered to be confidential and what harm could reasonably be expected from disclosure. AFSC does not warrant that this identification will preclude disclosure under FOIP. 1.17 AFSC’s Policies and Procedures for Security and Training On-Site The Vendor, its employees, subcontractors and agents when using any of AFSC’s buildings, premises, equipment, hardware or software shall comply with all safety and security policies, regulations or directives relating to those buildings, premises, equipment, hardware or software that are promulgated by AFSC from time to time. The Vendor’s employees, subcontractors and agents shall comply, as applicable, with all provisions of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and Occupational Health and Safety Code with respect to the provision of services and materials. When the Workers’ Compensation Act (Alberta), as amended, applies, and upon request from AFSC, deliver to AFSC a certificate from the Workers’ Compensation Board showing that the Vendor is registered and in good standing with the Board. 1.18 Vendor Debriefing The Corporate Purchasing Section will, at the request of an unsuccessful Vendor who responded to this Competitive Bid, conduct a debriefing after contract award for the purpose of informing the Vendor on the reasons their Proposal was not selected. 2.0 STATEMENT OF WORK 2.1 Introduction AFSC is looking for a qualified vendor to provide evening janitorial services for our Lacombe Central Office at 5718 56 Avenue, Lacombe, Alberta T4L 1B1. The proposed hours will be 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm Monday to Friday. These hours may change during the engagement. As well weekend cleaning may be required upon request. 2.2 Background The successful Respondent will supply qualified personnel and subcontractors required for the effective and efficient operation and maintenance of the facility and property described below. Property Address 5718, 56th Avenue, Lacombe, Alberta Number of Buildings 1 – on 2.258 Hectares Building Area 75,000 square feet Number of Floors New Bldg. 2, Renovated Bldg. 3 Floor to Ceiling Height Variable 7 – 10 feet Approximate No. of Occupants Approximately 50 to a max of 150 once we reopen Storage AFSC has limited storage inside the building for general cleaning supplies, vacuum, cleaner etc. The contract is intended to commence as early as May 2, 2023. The contract term could be a one to three year term as negotiated with the successful Respondent with the option to renew for a longer term. AFSC would require the facility to be maintained as per the outlined schedule with additional work to be completed on an as needed basis. NOTE: Except otherwise stated, the successful Respondent is required to provide all of the supplies, labour, tools, equipment and parts necessary for the proper maintenance and cleaning of the above location. 2.3 Requirements The Respondent is expected to acknowledge and confirm that all resources are bonded and have experience in the scope as identified. The table below outlines the identified required duties to be performed by the Respondent. In addition, it is expected that the Respondent will identify any items that are not listed below, but would typically be provided in organizations of similar size and scope. DUTIES TO BE PERFORMED FREQUENCY Clean and Sanitize all Bathroom toilets, urinals, sinks, countertops and floors. Daily Empty communal waste containers, wipe down and replace liners as needed. Daily Daily spot vacuum all carpeted areas. Daily/as needed Sweep stairways, lobbies, and other uncarpeted areas. Daily/as needed Damp mop tile floors. Daily Walls, doors, and windows will be spot cleaned. Every other workday/as needed Dust all communal furniture and fixtures including windowsills, ledges, and other areas where dust collects. Private offices and workstations are the responsibility of our employees Weekly only surfaces that have been cleared of papers would be done. Clean interior glass doors. Weekly Sanitize communal counter tops desks and tables. Weekly Dust all high areas including doorframes, high shelving, partitions, and lights, art objects. Weekly Dust all low areas including window wells. Weekly Replenish all paper towels, toilet tissues and soap dispensers. Monitor daily/replenish as necessary Dust and clean return air intake grills. Monthly Wash washroom walls/stall partitions. Monthly Dust all blinds. Monthly Clean fire hose cabinets and or extinguishers for dust. Monthly Wash all glass partitions and draft deflectors. Twice a year Wash all interior windows (Spring & Fall) to include all partition glass. Twice a year Vacuum all blinds. Twice a year Dust all ceiling diffusers. Twice a year Dust and wash all painted walls. Twice a year Notify the contract monitor if the light ballasts must be replaced. As needed Shampoo carpeted areas. Once every two years, or as needed. If there are services you feel may benefit AFSC, please include the details in the table above and provide the suggested frequencies. This list of duties may be amended throughout the engagement. The Contractor will be responsible to advise the office and Business Services of any issues that may need attention within the location such as: • Safety hazards • Lighting fixture or light issues • Broken, stained or dirty ceiling tiles • Plumbing issues • Areas needing paint • Any other reasonable issues that may be a concern and need attention 2.3.1 Special Instruction: Below are specific instructions that AFSC requires the successful Respondent to follow: • All articles on desks and workstations are not to be disturbed while cleaning. • All articles that are not in the garbage receptacles or not labeled as "Garbage” and or “Please Remove" are not to be removed under any circumstances. • Whiteboards or paper lecture notes containing information are not to be removed or cleaned under any circumstances. Items found should be returned to the reception area. • Furniture and garbage receptacles must be replaced to their original position following cleaning & emptying. • Reception Desk is not to be cleaned unless directed to do so. The exception being the glass transaction top area (where applicable). • Bagged garbage will not be placed on floors or dragged across carpeted areas. • All individual office lighting is to be turned off each night and all fire doors are to be closed upon completion of the nightly cleaning. • The janitorial staff is not to provide access for anyone to the building or individual offices. • Any janitorial staff personal belongings are not to be brought into the work area. • Only authorized janitorial staff will be allowed on our premises to carry out janitorial duties. • Janitorial staff will report any suspicious activities, damage or maintenance problems to the contract monitor immediately. Contact information will be made available. • All janitorial staff are required to supply “Consent for Disclosure of Criminal Record,” information conducted by the RCMP as needed. 2.4 Corporate Capabilities and Executive Summary Proposals must include an executive summary of the key features of the Proposal. This summary should include: a) A brief introduction of the Vendor. b) A brief company history and overview of the Vendor as it applies to the content of the Competitive Bid. c) Demonstrate a sound understanding of the scope, objectives and requirements presented in this Competitive Bid. d) The number and nature of engagements in similar scope and size as outlined in section 2.0 of the Competitive Bid during the past two years. e) Industry awards, certifications and other marketplace distinctions. f) Social responsibilities and environmental consideration. g) Discussion of why the Vendor considers itself to be the “right” service provider and what key strengths it will bring to AFSC in the immediate and long term. 2.5 Resources Respondents must provide the names of all subcontractors/resources that will be employed. The successful respondent will be expected to provide background security checks for these resources. Please add additional cells to the table as required. Resource Name: Telephone: Email: Description of Related Experiences, please include dates: Resource 2 Telephone: Email: Description of Related Experiences, please include dates: Resource 3 Telephone: Email: Description of Related Experiences, please include dates: 2.6 Value Add The Vendor may describe two significant value-added services provided relative to the scope of work delivered to other clients including the Vendor’s commitment for future support. The Proposal should contain a description of value-added services provided by the Vendor and the strategy that the Vendor would employ in proposing a similar type of service to AFSC. The Proposal must clearly outline if there are any added costs for the value-added services. 2.7 Approach The Proposal should include the following: a) A description of corporate philosophies, values, culture and approaches especially as they relate to the requirements of AFSC. b) How the Vendor plans to proactively address issues that may arise regarding their relationship with AFSC. c) The Vendor’s approach to quality assurance, continuous improvement, and performance management processes, techniques, change control and tools. 2.8 Disclosure In the interest of full disclosure to all Vendors wishing to submit a Proposal, please note that AFSC has had a previous working relationship with Vendors who may submit a Proposal to this Competitive Bid. In this regard, through the normal course of providing prior services to AFSC, it is likely that the Vendors will have acquired knowledge about AFSC, in addition to having had access to information, beyond what has been included within this Competitive Bid. The nature of the services provided by the Vendors to AFSC may include services that are similar, or identical, to the services described in the Statement of Work. 2.9 Pricing AFSC is requesting a Fixed Pricing response for the scope of work as outlined in Section 2 of this RFP in Canadian dollars. If there are any additional services that you think would benefit AFSC, please adjust and include the details and the pricing below. Description Monthly Cost Additional Labour Cost (hourly) Service Supplies (cleaning and paper products) Total Monthly Cost G. S. T. Certification Clause This is to certify that the services ordered or purchased are for the use of, and are being purchased by AFSC with Crown funds, and are therefore not subject to the goods and services and harmonized sales tax. EVALUATION EVALUATION CRITERIA The Competitive Bid evaluation criteria uses the following rating categories. Evaluation Criteria Evaluation Category Weighting % Requirements • Services • Service Levels (Example - For these criteria, the Evaluation Committee will give reference to the Vendor’s response to Section 2.3) 15% Corporate Capability & Executive Summary • Experience • Industry Certifications • Social Responsibilities & Environmental Considerations (Example - For these criteria, the Evaluation Committee will give reference to the Vendor’s response to Section 2.4) 10% Resource Qualifications • Vendor - Project Specific Management • Vendor - Subcontractors/Resources (Example - For these criteria, the Evaluation Committee will give reference to the Vendor’s response to Section 2.5) 20% Value Add (Example - For this criterion, the Evaluation Committee will give reference to the Vendor’s response to Section 2.6) 5% Approach (Example - For this criterion, the Evaluation Committee will give reference to the Vendor’s response to Section 2.7) 10% Pricing (Example - For this criterion, the Evaluation Committee will give reference to the Vendor’s response to Section 2.9) 40% Each evaluation category and/or sub-category is assigned a weight as a percentage to reflect its relative importance in the evaluation. The total of all the evaluation categories used equals 100 percent. The members of the evaluation committee consist of AFSC staff from the product lines or the specified project/area/department requesting the services. Proposals will be evaluated and scored based on the quality of responses to the requirements of this RFP. The Proposals that score the highest may be shortlisted to participate in a subsequent interview/presentation/demo process. The written portion will be weighted at 50%. The interview/demo at 50%. The scores from the Proposals may be adjusted as per the clarifications presented in the interview. AFSC can, in its discretion, omit the interview portion and the score will be based on the written portion only. Selection of the preferred Vendor will be based on the highest score (If applicable). Contract negotiations may be completed prior to award and may be used as part of the overall award decision. Pre-screening Proposals may be subject to pre-screening based on select mandatory criteria (if applicable). 4.0 Contract Review All agreements must be drafted (or reviewed and agreed to) by AFSC’s Legal Department. Any previously entered into agreements between AFSC and the successful Vendor WILL NOT be used as the form of definitive agreement for this engagement. The definitive agreement that is entered into between the Vendor and AFSC will incorporate AFSC’s Terms of Business set out at Appendix (B), as well as Key AFSC Standards for Contracts, which are as follows: • Termination for Convenience upon written notice. • No Limitations of Liability or Monetary Caps granted. • No Disclaimers of Liability granted. • No Indemnities Against Third Party Claims granted (limited exceptions). • Governing Law - Province of Alberta, Country of Canada. • Finite Term of Contract - No Auto-Renewals. If the Vendor wishes to propose alternative wording to the Terms of Business set out at Appendix (B) or disagrees with the above-listed Key AFSC Standards for Contracts, the Vendor must complete and submit Appendix (C) (Alternate Wording – Additional Clause Template) clearly citing the suggested variations. ***Note that AFSC has the sole discretion to consider whether wording changes or alternate clauses will be considered for negotiation purposes and/or incorporated into the definitive agreement. The extent and materiality of any requested changes/deviations from the Terms of Business or Key AFSC Standards for Contracts by the Vendor will impact the Vendor’s overall rating when the Proposal is evaluated. By submitting a Proposal without a completed Appendix (C) attached thereto, Vendors are deemed to accept the Terms of Business as set out at Appendix (B), as well as the above-listed Key AFSC Standards for Contracts as a condition of submitting a Proposal. A Vendor’s acceptance of the Terms of Business and Key AFSC Standards for Contracts will have a positive bearing on the Vendor’s overall score. As part of the Vendor’s Proposal, AFSC requires the Vendor to submit the Vendor’s typical form of agreement generally used with customers. ***The Vendor’s typical form of agreement will NOT be used as the definitive agreement between AFSC and the Vendor. While AFSC may consider the typical form of agreement when drafting the definitive agreement between AFSC and the Vendor, the definitive agreement will be based on the Terms of Business and the Key AFSC Standards for Contracts. ***Note that AFSC has the discretion to amend the wording of the Terms of Business as set out at Appendix (B) when incorporating into the definitive agreement and, to the extent that there is any inconsistency between the Terms of Business and the definitive agreement, the definitive agreement shall take precedence. No work will commence in relation to this Competitive Bid until a fully executed definitive agreement is in place between AFSC and the Vendor. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in non-payment of any activities performed prior to the execution of the definitive agreement. 4.1 Negotiations AFSC may require selected Vendor(s) to participate in negotiations and to submit revisions to pricing, technical information, agreements and any other items in any Proposal that may result from negotiations. If negotiations do not result in modification of the agreement(s) that is acceptable to AFSC, the Proposal may be rejected. 5.0 Master Schedule The Master Schedule of Competitive Bid related events is set out in the table below and is governed by the following principles: a) In the event that any dates elsewhere in this Competitive Bid conflict with a date set out in this table, the date set out in this table shall prevail. b) All times listed are based on Mountain Standard Time (MST). c) If required, AFSC reserves the right to adjust the dates of the Master Schedule through an addendum process. # Event Scheduled Date/Time 1 Last day to submit the Pre-Registered Site Visit Form in Appendix (E) (e-mailed copies are acceptable) February 27, 2023 @ 1:00pm (MST) 2 AFSC to conduct site visits for the Vendors who completed the Appendix E - Pre-Registered Site Visit Form. AFSC in its discretion may change this date. March 2, 2023 @ 11:00 am (MST) 3 AFSC to accept e-mail inquiries relevant to this Competitive Bid. Vendor(s) must use the Q & A template provided as Appendix (A) and submit through RFP@afsc.ca. March 9, 2023 @ 1:00 pm (MST) 4 Issuance of the final written response by AFSC to inquiries received by Respondent(s). March 14, 2023 5 Final receipt of Proposals. (closing date). March 21, 2023 @ 1:00 pm (MST) 6 Evaluation of Competitive Bid written Proposals. AFSC in its discretion may change this date. March 21-29 7 Interviews or presentations for short-listed Vendors. AFSC in its discretion may change this date. Week of April 3 8 AFSC to perform reference checks on short listed Vendors. AFSC in its discretion may change this date. Week of April 3 9 Final Evaluation and notification of award of contract. AFSC in its discretion may change this date. April 12, 2023 10 Target Commencement Date AFSC in its discretion may change this date. May 2, 2023 6.0 Proposal Submission Guidelines 6.1 Proposal Format To facilitate ease of evaluation by the evaluation committee, and to ensure each Proposal receives full consideration, Proposals should be organized in the following format using the section titles and sequence listed below: Table of Contents: a) Pre-Screening Requirements (optional). b) Proposal to Statement of Work (2.0); including: Legal and Contact Information: • The full legal name of the Vendor. • The location of the Vendor’s head office and service centers. • A Vendor contact for all questions and clarifications arising from the Proposal. • Vendor contact authorized to participate in contract finalizations. References • The Proposal should include three references including, but not limited to organization, address, contact name, telephone number and email address. • References should include organizations that can verify the satisfactory provision, performance and or/servicing of goods and associated services the same as, or similar to the requirements of this Competitive Bids. Note that the Corporate Purchasing Section may contact references in addition to those provided in the Proposal. • References may be conducted to validate information provided in the Vendor’s Proposal • It is expected that the Vendor(s) will be able to arrange for AFSC to contact the references during the evaluation period. • References from Government and Government Agencies would be preferred if available (optional). Additional Information • Additional information may be included at the Vendor’s discretion (but this must not detract from the ability of AFSC to easily reference information for evaluation purposes). Assumptions • The Vendor is expected to identify, in detail, any assumptions that have been made during the creation of their written Proposal to the scope identified. c) Alternate Wording Template (Appendix C). d) Vendor’s Agreement Template. e) Proof of WCB and Insurance. f) Proof of Corporate Registry. g) Financial Requirements (optional). h) Vendor’s Ethics Policy (optional). The Vendor should have an ethics policy that guides its organization in all of its business activities, and should provide a copy of this ethical policy as an attachment to its Proposal. This policy will not form part of the evaluation. Appendices The following Appendices are included and applicable to this Competitive Bid: Appendix A: Question and Answer Template Appendix B: Terms of Business Appendix C: Alternate Wording-Additional Clause Template Appendix D: Mandatory Site Tour Form Janitorial Appendix E: Pre-Registered Site Visit Form Appendix F: Contractor Health and Safety Orientation Form Responsive Proposals should provide straightforward, concise information that satisfies the requirements noted in the Proposal Guidelines section of this RFP. Emphasis should be placed on conformity to AFSC’s instructions, requirements of this RFP, and completeness and clarity of content. Ambiguous, repetitive, unclear or unreadable Proposals may be cause for rejection. 6.2 Proposal Submissions Vendors must provide an electronic version of their Proposals by e-mail to RFP@afsc.ca prior to the closing date and time of this Competitive Bid. (optional). Buyer may request that a hard copy is submitted. Electronic versions (emails) must be less than 18 MB in order for AFSC to receive the Vendor’s submission. If the Proposal is larger than 18 MB, it must be divided into a sufficient number of files such that each email, including attachments, is less than 18 MB. AFSC cannot accept files on media storage devices. (optional) All hard copy proposal materials are to be sealed in a single package and clearly labelled with the Competitive Bid # addressed to: Attention: Buyer, Business Services AFSC 5718 – 56th Avenue Lacombe, AB T4L 1B1 In responding to this Competitive Bid, your attention is drawn to the following: • Proposals received after this Competitive Bid’s closing date and time will be rejected. • Proposals received that neglect to follow the order outlined above in section 6.1 may not be evaluated further. ***VENDORS, BY SUBMITTING A PROPOSAL, ARE DEEMED TO HAVE ACCEPTED THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS COMPETITIVE BID***

    Contract duration

    The estimated contract period will be 1 month(s), with a proposed start date of 2023/02/15.

    Trade agreements

    • Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)
    • Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

    Partner with another business

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    This list does not replace or affect the tendering procedures for this procurement process. Businesses are still required to respond to bid solicitations, and to compete based on the set criteria. For more information please read the Terms of use.

    Businesses interested in partnering for this tender opportunity:
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    Contact information

    Contracting organization

    Agriculture Financial Services
    5718 56 Ave Lacombe Alberta
    Lacombe, Alberta, T4L 1B1
    Contracting authority
    Kathy Walker
    5718 56 ave
    Lacombe, Alberta, T4L 1B1
    Bidding details

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    Summary information

    Notice type
    Request for Proposal
    Region(s) of delivery
    Region of opportunity
    Contract duration
    1 month(s)
    Procurement method
    Competitive – Open Bidding
    Commodity - GSIN
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    Support for small and medium businesses

    If you have questions about this tender opportunity, please contact the contracting officer, whose information is found in the Contact information tab. 

    Refer to our Support page if you need help or have questions about the government procurement process, including how to bid or how to register in SAP Ariba. You can also contact Procurement Assistance Canada, which has offices across Canada.


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