Community Assessment and Parole Supervision (CAPS)- Mayerthorpe, Alberta

Solicitation number 57101-23-4356664

Publication date

Closing date and time 2023/04/24 16:00 EDT

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    3. The Contractor must provide the following services:



    4. CSC estimates the need for the following services:
    a. 5.00 Community Assessments per month (including PSCA)
    b. 7.00 Conditional Release Supervision Cases per month
    c. 0.30 Unescorted Temporary Absence/ Work Release cases per month.
    d. 0.30 Tandem Supervision cases per month
    e. _____ Community Strategies per month
    f. _____ Preliminary Assessments per month


    5. The Contractor must provide services in the following geographical area(s): (Mayerthorpe, AB and an area approximately 150 kms in radius from Mayerthorpe, AB).


    6. The Contractor must provide all services in the official language of the Offender's choice (English or French).


    Level of Intervention Minimum frequency of face-to-face contacts per month that the Parole Officer/Contractor must have with the offender. The level of intervention may also be referred to as frequency of contact.
    Parole Supervisor Refers to a CSC Parole Officer or a person entrusted by the CSC with the guidance and supervision of an offender. (CCRA sect. 134 (2)(b))
    Reliable Information Information which is substantiated or confirmed by one or more independent sources; the information is logical and consistent with other corroborated information on the same subject.


    7. The Project Authority will consult with the Contractor regarding safe supervision practices and assist with any problem solving that may be necessary.

    8. The Project Authority will provide the Contractor with the following information at the time the contract is awarded:
    a. The format and instructions for completing/submitting the required reports including timeframes; and
    b. The names and contact information for the relevant CSC contacts (National Monitoring Centre, Technical Authority, Parole Officer Supervisor).

    9. The Project Authority will ensure that the Contractor has access to all applicable legislation, policies and procedures pertaining to the supervision and management of conditionally released offenders. The Project Authority will provide the Contractor with information relating to changes in policy, procedures or practices applicable to the Statement of Work.

    10. The Project Authority will provide essential case management information for each offender supervised by the Contractor. The Project Authority will make this information available electronically through the Offender Management System (OMS) unless it is only available in hard copy or the Contractor is not connected to OMS or via other CSC-approved secure electronic means of communication. The information and documents to forward are the following:
    a. Correctional Plan – Initial (including the Criminal Profile);
    b. FPS Sheet;
    c. Pre-release Assessment for Decision report and any addendum reports;
    d. Correctional Plan – Updated (including the Community Strategy);
    e. Certificate of release;
    f. Community Assessments;
    g. Standard Profile;
    h. Updated photograph;
    i. Psychological Reports (if relevant);
    j. National Parole Board Decision Sheet; and,
    k. Any other information relevant to the management of the offender’s case.

    11. The Project Authority will provide a returnable temporary docket to the Contractor containing pertinent information relating to requests for written reports (i.e. community strategy, temporary absence, community assessments, etc.), unless the Contractor was granted access to other secured means of electronic communication such as the Offender Management System (OMS).

    12. The Project Authority will provide the Contractor a secure electronic correspondence solution to enable communication on offender information which meets the Government of Canada Security Policy. Where electronic correspondence is not an option, correspondence will be done by mail according to required security standards.

    13. Prior to any Contractor beginning work under the contract, the Project Authority will offer information specific to the services to be provided. Following the information session, the Project Authority will ensure the Contractor signs a form confirming that the information was provided. The information provided may include, but is not limited to the following:
    a. Policy on Confidentiality;
    b. Information on obligations related to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act;
    c. Policy on Emergency Measures;
    d. Policy on Staff Safety;
    e. Relationship to the Correctional Service of Canada;
    f. Contractual Obligations;
    g. Information Management & Security; and
    h. Information Guide for Contractors.

    14. The Project Authority will monitor and audit the Contractor's compliance with the national policies and standards applicable to this Statement of Work. The Contractor must facilitate and cooperate with such monitoring and audit.


    15. The Contractor must ensure that if, upon release, the offender fails to contact the Contractor at the scheduled time of arrival and no valid circumstances can be determined, immediate action is taken to advise the Technical Authority of the offender’s failure to arrive. If the Technical Authority is not available during normal working hours, the Contractor must contact a Parole Officer Supervisor (POS). The Contractor must contact the National Monitoring Centre (NMC) after-hours.

    16. During the period of this contract, should the offender’s behaviour deteriorate or should he/she be in violation of any release conditions, the Contractor must inform the Technical Authority without delay. The person delegated under section 135 of the CCRA, in conjunction with the Technical Authority, must take appropriate measures to ensure public safety and document such measures accordingly. The Contractor must contact the National Monitoring Centre (NMC) after-hours.

    17. The Contractor must immediately advise the Technical Authority or the NMC after-hours when any information has been received that would be relevant to CSC to make decisions in the event that after-hours interventions are required, and when reliable information exists that the offender has:
    a. been charged with or is planning to commit a new offence;
    b. violated or is about to violate a term or condition of release;
    c. not reported and whereabouts are unknown; or,
    d. been involved in any other situation which would lead to the conclusion that continued release would constitute an undue risk to society,


    18. The Contractor must follow all legislation and policies pertaining to the management and supervision of offenders under federal jurisdiction, in the completion of tasks related to the Statement of Work.

    19. The Contractor must contact the Project Authority or his/her designate for any clarification/inquiries relating to this contract, and/or CSC legislation and policies.

    20. Where the Contractor has been provided with direct access to OMS in read/write mode, the Contractor will be responsible for entries in relation to the services identified above in accordance with applicable legislation and policies. Where the Contractor has not been provided with direct access to OMS, the Contractor must forward entries in relation to services identified above to CSC, as directed by the Project Authority and agreed upon by the Contractor, in accordance with all security requirements.


    21. The Technical Authority will assign the supervision of offenders on conditional release and those subject to Long-Term Supervision Orders (LTSO) following the appropriate referral, review, and acceptance procedures established by CSC and in accordance with applicable legislation and policy.

    22. The Contractor must ensure that offenders, their collateral contacts and local police agencies are provided with contact numbers to be used in times of crisis or, when the Contractor is unavailable.

    23. At the initial interview with the offender, the Contractor must review items listed in the Initial Interview Checklist (CSC Form # 1331). A signed copy of the Initial Interview Checklist must be forwarded to the Technical Authority to be placed on the offender’s Case Management file.

    24. The Contractor must, on a regular basis, in accordance with supervision policies, in consultation with the Technical Authority, verify the offender's place of residence, confirm that the information contained in the Standard Profile is updated, and identify programs considered critical to the offender's reintegration. The Standard Profile must be updated as changes occur in the offender’s situation.

    25. Case Management reports must be submitted to the Technical Authority according to the format and frequency determined in consultation with the Project Authority and according to CSC policies.

    26. The Contractor must maintain clear, legible and detailed Casework Records which shall include reference to all contacts made with the offender, location of contact (e.g. home, work); time and date of contact; type of contact (e.g. face to face, phone). The Contractor must clearly indicate in Casework Records if the contact is collateral and the name(s) of the collateral contact(s) and their relationship to the offender.

    27. All Casework Records prepared by the Contractor must be delivered to CSC within a maximum of seven (7) days following the contact or activity in accordance with policy requirements. If the Contractor has access to OMS, the Contractor must enter Casework Records in OMS in accordance with policy as soon as possible, but no later than seven (7) calendar days.

    28. At the request of the Technical Authority , the Contractor must prepare and submit a formal written report (which may include the Correctional Plan [CP] - Updated, Assessment for Decision, etc.) to the Technical Authority in the following circumstances:
    a. an increase in the offender’s risk;
    b. a breach of a special condition;
    c. suspension;
    d. transfer of the case;
    e. proposal for change to the conditions of release;
    f. any situation requiring notification to the Parole Board of Canada;
    g. exceptional incidents; and,
    h. termination of supervision (including suspension and warrant expiry).

    29. The Contractor will share the contents of the CP – Updated with the offender.

    30. Case Conferences between the Contractor and the Technical Authority shall take place at a frequency determined in consultation with the Technical Authority and according to CSC policies. The Case Conferences must address the behaviour of the offender and the strategies which might be required in the management of the case, and the results must be noted in a Casework Record.

    31. The Contractor must be cognizant of and consider all relevant information provided to CSC by victims in the management of an offender’s case.

    TEMPORARY ABSENCES (The supervision of offenders on Unescorted Temporary Absence (UTA), and/or the supervision of offenders on Work Release (WR)).

    32. At the request of the Project Authority, the Contractor must meet in person or by telephone with offenders released to the area on an UTA or WR, in accordance with reporting requirements identified in the temporary absence permit.

    33. The Contractor must conduct a follow-up interview with the UTA/WR sponsor immediately following completion of the UTA or WR. This interview can be completed by telephone.

    34. The Contractor must complete and forward an evaluation, using a Community Assessment, to the Technical Authority following the completion of the absence. The evaluation will relate to the specific objectives outlined in the original decision granting the UTA.

    TANDEM SUPERVISION (The accompaniment of the assigned Contractor by a second individual).

    35. The Contractor must, in consultation and as approved by the Technical Authority, obtain the assistance of a second CSC-authorized person (e.g. Program Officer, Psychologist, Parole Officers, Police Officer) to accompany him/her on home visits in accordance with CSC’s Tandem Supervision policy.

    36. The Contractor must, at the request of the Project Authority, accompany a CSC Parole Officer on a tandem supervision home visit.


    37. In addition to the reporting requirements outlined in the sections entitled ‘CONDITIONAL RELEASE – COMMUNITY SUPERVISION’ and ‘TEMPORARY ABSENCES’, the Contractor must complete the following reports at the request of the Project Authority in accordance with applicable legislation and policy:

    a. Preliminary Assessment report;
    b. Community Assessment report;
    c. Post-Sentence Community Assessment report; and
    d. Community Strategy report.

    38. The Contractor must submit the completed reports to the Technical Authority in an electronic format and/or hard copy as identified by the Project Authority and agreed upon by the Contractor, within the timeframes outlined in applicable policies.


    39. The Contractor must not share copies of documentation provided by CSC with the offender unless authorized to do so by the Project Authority, in accordance to CSC policies and guidelines.

    40. The Contractor must return all offender information provided by CSC within 30 days of the transfer or termination of supervision (including suspension and warrant expiry) or, following the termination of the contract by CSC, whichever is sooner unless the Project Authority gives written consent instructing otherwise to the Contractor.

    41. The Contractor must pack and ship all offender information in accordance with the CSC Offender Records User’s Guide and Appendix “E” – Security Requirements. This must include providing an itemized list of documentation and files being returned to CSC on a Transmittal Note & Receipt Form (CSC-0827).


    42. The Contractor must provide monthly activity reports to the Technical Authority, including:
    a. Supervision cases identifying the offender’s name and FPS number, supervision level and the date supervision commenced;
    b. Supervised UTAs or Work Releases identifying the offender’s name and FPS number and the period (weekday or weekend) during which supervision was provided; and,
    c. Number of completed reports identified by type of reports (CA, PSCA, PA, etc.), offender name and FPS number.

    Contract duration

    The estimated contract period will be 60 month(s), with a proposed start date of 2023/07/01.

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