Operator, Global Atmosphere Watch Observatory, Alert Nunavut

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    Title: Operator, Global Atmosphere Watch Observatory, Alert NU


    CFS – Canadian Forces Station

    DND – Department of National Defence

    ECCC – Environment and Climate Change Canada

    Flagging – Marking data as invalid due to local influence

    SOP – Standard Operating Procedure

    SW 1 Background:

    The Climate Chemistry and Measurements Research Section of Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), requires a contract operator for its baseline air chemistry observatory at Alert, Nunavut. Alert is the most northerly site in the World Meteorological Organization's Global Atmosphere Watch monitoring network. At the Alert site, ECCC maintains a number of measurement programs for various greenhouse gases, ozone, aerosols, solar radiation and other trace species. It also maintains atmospheric measurement programs for international partner agencies from Germany, Australia, and the United States of America.

    SW 2 Objective and Scope of Work:

    The Contractor is required to operate, maintain and calibrate the air quality, precipitation and meteorological instruments and data logging equipment at the Alert Observatory. The Contractor is also required to run data collection and quality control routines on the baseline air chemistry data and prepare routine reports. Also included in the Contractor’s responsibilities are the maintenance of buildings and vehicles, liaising with local Department of National Defence (DND) station staff and other duties related to the day to day operation of the station.

    The Contractor, reporting directly to the Technical Authority, must maintain all scientific programs at the Alert Observatory. 

    SW 3 Tasks:

    This work includes, but is not limited to, the following tasks. Detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for each sampling program are provided:

    1. Operating, calibrating and minor trouble-shooting of air quality, precipitation and meteorological instrumentation and related data logging equipment at the Alert Observatory.

    2. Obtaining grab samples for the various flask sampling programs at the Alert Observatory including the shipping of flasks and the recording of relevant meteorological data.

    3. Maintaining the aerosol and precipitation sampling programs and shipping of samples.

    4. Running data collection, analysis and quality control routines on the Alert Observatory data. Keeping detailed log records for each monitoring program and preparing a weekly status report. Maintain the Excel database of sampling records and check sheets, mailing copies of the data to the Technical Authority and performing regular backups on the data.

    5. Basic maintenance to the Alert Observatory and office areas. This includes, ensuring that the Alert Observatory and office area are kept clean and well organized at all times. Floors must be swept and mopped as required to remove dust and dirt accumulation. Instrument benches must be vacuumed weekly to remove dust buildup. Garbage cans must be emptied weekly and disposed of according to current Canadian Forces Station Alert environmental policy. Lightbulbs must be changed as required. Snow must be shoveled from all entrances, stairways, and work platforms. Maintaining an inventory of operational supplies and shipping and receiving of flasks, gas cylinders, samples and equipment. A monthly Occupational Health and Safety inspection report must be completed and any noted deficiencies must be reported to the Technical Authority in writing. The Contractor will endeavor to ensure safe working conditions and wellbeing of the Alert Observatory staff at all times.

    6. Basic vehicle maintenance as follows: daily circle check must be made before vehicle operation. Weekly inspection check sheet will be completed on fluids, belts, hoses, Mattracks system. Deficiencies must be reported to the Technical Authority in writing.

    7. Interacting with DND and other station personnel to facilitate the operation of the monitoring program. Conducting tours of the Alert Observatory and office area for visitors and DND inspections.

    8. Provide knowledge transfer to a Co-op student at Alert every four months to assist with the regular duties, and providing on site familiarization training for the next Contract Operator.

    9. Providing support for visiting scientists and technicians who are in Alert for routine maintenance trips. This involves driving them to the Alert Observatory on an as needed basis. Providing general technical assistance as well as loading and/or unloading equipment and supplies from vehicles to the Alert Observatory.

    10. Summer maintenance and clean-up duties on equipment and Alert Observatory grounds on an as required basis. This includes: visual inspection of exterior building envelope, exterior sample lines, exterior instruments, stairways, platforms and safety lines. Deficiencies will be reported to the Technical Authority in writing for repair action. In addition, any scrap packing or building materials will be gathered and disposed of locally according to current CFS Alert environmental policy.

    11. The Final Summary Report on the status of all the measurement programs, vehicle maintenance history, maintenance history for ECCC facilities and the status of data processing and flagging for the period covering the Contractor’s posting in Alert as a contract operator. 

    12. Incorporate revisions to the Alert Observatory SOP manual introduced by scientific program principle investigators over the course of the Contract. Recommend further additions to the SOP to address issues or problems experienced.

    The core operating hours in Alert are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday and it is expected that the Contractor will complete work under the Contract during the core operating hours. The Contractor will be on call during all off hours (including weekends and holidays) in case emergency repairs are required. Regular remote monitoring of the laboratory instruments must also be maintained on all days that the Contractor is not physically visiting the laboratory (including weekends). The Contractor must be willing to work beyond the core operating hours should there be an operational requirement.

    SW 4 Deliverables:

    1. Weekly check sheets, a weekly status report, weekly processed and quality controlled data for all the parameters measured at the Alert Observatory, weekly vehicle inspection reports, calibration results, data printouts, sampled flasks, sampled filters, and compressed air samples.
    1. Regular electronic and verbal communications on the status of the measurements programs, equipment, vehicles, and ECCC facilities in Alert.
    1. The Final Summary Report, written in Microsoft WORD format, must be submitted to the Technical Authority by August 31, 2018.
    1. An updated version of the Alert Observatory SOP manual, written in Microsoft WORD, containing all revisions to new or existing measurement procedures in the Alert Observatory. The revised draft of the Alert Observatory SOP manual must be submitted to the Technical Authority by August 31, 2018.

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    Davis, Shawn
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