IOS Hangar Door Glazing Replacement.

Solicitation number FP802-180013

Publication date

Closing date and time 2018/02/22 13:00 EST


    To Whom It May Concern,

    Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) invites tenders from Bidders to provide the construction services described in this Invitation to Tender (ITT) as below.

    Solicitation number: FP802-180013

    Closing Date: Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

    Time for solicitation closure: 02:00 PM (EST)

    Title: IOS Hangar Door Glazing Replacement.

    Work site location: Sidney, BC.


    1. Invitation to Tender Notice
    2. Specification (Description of required services)
    3. Photos
    4. Construction Tender Form (Mandatory – Pages 3 & 4 to be completed by Bidder)


      Bid Bonds: All bids bonds are to be submitted in hard copy ONLY and received by the bid closing date and time to the mailing address indicated below.

      Submission of the Construction Tender Form, pricing table (if applies) and all signed addendums must be submitted either electronically or in hard copy to the following:

      Hard copy submissions: All hard copy submissions (via Canada Post or by Courier) must be addressed and received by the bid closing date and time to:

      Fisheries and Oceans Canada,

      Solicitation Number: FP802-180013

      Attention: Natasha Blackstein

      Procurement Hub – Ottawa Office,

      Station 9W074, 9th Floor,

      200 Kent Street,

      Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0E6

      Electronic submissions: All electronic submissions must be received by the bid closing date and time to the contracting officer’s email listed below:

      The onus is on the bidder to ensure that the bid is delivered on time to the location designated.

      Any tender received after the above noted time will be considered late and will be returned to the sender unopened. Tenders may be revised by email, provided the render and revision(s) are both received prior to Tender Closing Time.


    Contractor shall provide all materials and labour for replacement of the exterior wire safety glass panel assemblies in the wood sliding doors of the Canadian Coast Guard vessel repair hanger with appropriate materials to match the existing 2 replacement panels. The scope of work will include:

    1. Non Mandatory site visit to confirm existing conditions, quantities, types and sizes of glazing and components prior to submitting pricing.
    2. Perform work to current Codes, Construction Standards and Manufacturer’s Instructions.
    3. Removal and disposal of a total of 46 existing wood frame safety glass assemblies from the sliding hangar doors.
    4. Prepare existing window opening frames as required to accept new assemblies and connect to existing framing as best as possible.
    5. Incorporate water penetration control, ensure air barrier continuity, eliminate condensation risk, provide and install all sealants and window water proofing barrier on all openings.

      Organize data identified as Operation and Maintenance Manual with project title and Fisheries and Oceans Canada project number.

      Provide a Table of Contents with date of submission, addresses and telephone numbers of contractors with name of responsible parties, schedule of products and systems indexed to content of each binder.

      Provide tabbed fly leaf for each separate product and system with typed description of the product and maintenance requirements.

      Provide copies of all final reviewed shop drawings.

      Provide USB Flash Drive containing contents of operating and maintenance manual. USB Flash Drive contents shall be organized in folder structure that mirrors that of binder organization.

      Provide warranties and bonds separated with index tab sheets keyed to Table of Contents. List subcontractor, supplier and manufacturer with name address and telephone number of responsible party. Except for items put into use with Owner’s permission, leave date of beginning time of warranty until Date of Substantial Completion.


    Sidney, BC


    A non-mandatory site visit will be held on February 15, 2018 at 10am. The location will be Main Administration Building, the Institute of Ocean Sciences, 9860 West Saanich Road, Sidney, BC V8L 4B2.


    Start Date: Upon contract award

    Completion Date: June 1, 2018




    1. The tenderer must provide tender security, at the tenderer’s own cost, in accordance with the document entitled "Tender Security Requirements" as Bid Security is required for bids over $100,000. Under these circumstances, the Tender and original signed Bid Bond must be delivered to the Closing Location prior to the closing date.

      Note: All tender securities (Bid Bond) will be returned except that of the successful tenderer (Bidder), which will be retained until the successful tenderer (Contractor) has completed the said contract.


      Bidders should note that all questions regarding this Invitation to Tender are to be submitted ONLY in writing by email, no later than Monday, February 19, 2018 2:00 PM (EST) to the contract Officer listed below. The department may be unable to respond to questions submitted after that date.

      Fisheries and Oceans Canada will not necessarily accept the lowest or any of the tenders received and reserves the right to reject any and all tenders received which shall be final and at the sole discretion of the Department.


      Natasha Blackstein

      Senior Contracting Officer

      Procurement Hub

      Materiel and Procurement Services

      Fisheries and Oceans Canada

      200, Kent Street Ottawa, ON, K1A 0E6,

      Telephone: (613) 323-3835


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    Contact information

    Contracting organization

    Fisheries and Oceans Canada
    200 Kent St, Station 13E228
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0E6
    Contracting authority
    Blackstein, Natasha
    200 Kent Street, 9W074
    Ottawa, ON, K1A 0E6

    Buying organization(s)

    Fisheries and Oceans Canada
    200 Kent St, Station 13E228
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0E6
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