Solicitation number 01R11-23-C030

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Closing date and time 2022/08/03 16:00 EDT


    Agriculture and Agri‑Food Canada’s Saskatoon Research and Development Centre at 107 Science Place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan requires plumbing services for various equipment at the Research and Development Centre and its associated Research Farms located at 410 Lowe Road, Saskatoon, SK and the CSIDC Research Farm – 901 McKenzie Street. S. Outlook, SK on an ‘as and when required’ basis.

    Services to be provided during the following:

    Regular Working hours – 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday

    Outside Regular Working hours – 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Monday to Friday including weekends and Stat holidays

    Work to be performed under the Standing Offer Agreement (SOA) includes the following:

    1. Preventative maintenance and repair services during 'regular working hours'

    2. Emergency service outside ‘regular working hours’

    3 Equipment installation and decommission services

    1.2 Service to be Performed by the Contractor

    .1 The Contractor shall be on site working for "Routine" requests for service within 24 hours working day of issuance of a call-up by the site authority.

    .2 The Contractor shall be on site working for "Emergency or Urgent" request from the Site Authority within one (1) hour of being notified on a twenty-four (24) hour, seven (7) day per week basis.

    .3 The Contractor, when requested by the Site Authority for an emergency service, will proceed to the site, repair or protect the system or equipment from further damage. Any work that is life threatening or damaging to the building/property should be completed immediately. When the system has been made safe, the Contractor shall provide, within one (1) working day, a detailed itemized account of the repairs required to put the equipment in proper working order.

    .4 Quotes for non-essential repairs should be provided to the Site Authority who will review. Work will not proceed until Contractor has received written authorization from the Site Authority.

    .5 The Contractor shall contact the Site Authority upon entering and leaving the premises when applicable.

    .6 The Contractor shall deliver written notices to the occupants no less than 24 hrs in advance of any scheduled services planned.

    .7 The Contractor is to provide telephone numbers for regular service calls and after hours call outs.

    1.3 Service to be performed by the Department

    .1 The Site Authority shall issue a Work Order providing a statement of the work required for each job.

    .2 The Site Authority shall provide drawings and specifications on an as required basis. 

    1.4 Licenses and Permits

    .1 The Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining and paying for all licenses and permits required to perform the work requested. Obtain all inspections from authorities having jurisdiction.

    .2 Provide the authorities having jurisdiction with all information requested.

    .3 Furnish these certificates and permits when requested and submit, to AAFC Authority, final approved document once work has been completed and certified.

    PART 2 - General Requirements

    2.1 Use of Site

    .1 Limited to areas of work.

    .2 Do not unreasonably encumber site with materials or equipment.

    .3 Do not store materials on site without Site Authority approval.

    2.2 Codes and Standards

    Execute the work to meet or exceed all applicable codes and standards, including but not limited to:

    .1 National Building Code of Canada, (latest edition).

    .2 Part IV of the Canada Labour Code, (latest edition).

    .3 Fire Commission of Canada #301 Standard of Building Construction Operations, (latest edition).

    .4 Canadian Plumbing Code (latest edition)

    .5 Canadian Construction Safety Code, Provincial/Territorial Government, Worker's Compensation Board and Municipal Statutes and authorities (latest edition).

    .6 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, CSA (latest edition).

    .7 National Fire Code (latest edition).

    .8 Materials and workmanship must conform to or exceed applicable standards of Canadian Government Specifications Board (CGSB), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and referenced organizations, National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED) and referenced organizations.

    .9 These standards shall be part of the specifications and shall be read in conjunction with the drawings and specifications. The Contractor shall be fully familiar with their contents and requirements as related to the work and materials specified.

    .10 In the event of a conflict between any of the above codes or standards the most stringent shall apply.

    .11 The work shall be carried out in accordance with NFPA 13A, NPPA 17A, and manufactures instructions.

    .12 All of the above codes and standards in effect at the time of award are subject to changes/revisions. The latest editions of each shall be enforced during the term of the Contract.

    2.3 Examination

    .1 Examine the existing conditions and determine those conditions affecting the work.

    2.4 Cleaning

    .1 Maintain work area free of accumulated waste and rubbish.

    .2 Remove and dispose of debris, used and obsolete material on a daily basis.

    .3 Remove grease, dust, dirt, stains, fingerprints and other foreign materials, from sight exposed interior and exterior finished surfaces affected by contract work.

    2.5 Cutting and Fitting Patching

    .1 Cut, fit and patch where required for work under this SOA. Make good all disturbed surfaces to original condition.

    2.6 Coordination and Protection

    .1 Execute work with minimum disturbance to occupants, public and normal use of the buildings. Make arrangements with Site Authority to facilitate execution of work.

    .2 Protect existing work from damage.

    .3 Obtain Site Authority’s approval before cutting, boring or sleeving load bearing members.

    .4 All possible safety precautions are to be taken to ensure the protection of employees and occupants during the course of the work.

    2.7 Qualifications & Certifications of Personnel

    .1 Only licensed Plumbers and Gas Fitters shall perform the repairs. An apprentice may perform work only when they are under direct supervision of a qualified Journeyman Plumber and/or Gas Fitter. A copy of the Journeyman ticket or Apprentice registration numbers are to made available to the Site Authority.

    .2 Service is to be provided by one (1) Journeyman Plumber and/or Gas Fitter at a time only, unless a specific request is made in writing to, and approved by, the Site Authority.

    .3 AAFC reserves the right to verify/substantiate the qualification of any person(s) performing work under the Contract. This verification must be produced in the way of letters or certificates from the appropriate agencies.

    .4 The Contractor shall not subcontract any of the work outlined herein, without the written consent of AAFC.

    2.8 Material and Equipment

    .1 Equipment and materials to be new, CSA certified, and manufactured to standard quoted.

    .2 Where there is no alternative to supplying equipment which is not CSA approved, obtain special approval from Site Authority.

    .3 Use products of one manufacturer or same type as existing, including classification, unless otherwise specified.

    .4 Unless otherwise specified, comply with manufacturer’s latest printed instructions for materials and installation methods.

    .5 Deliver, store and maintain materials with manufacturer’s seals and labels intact.

    .6 The Contractor shall store materials in accordance with the manufacture’s and suppliers instructions.

    .7 AAFC accepts no responsibility for materials or equipment stored on site.

    .8 Contractor to supply shop drawings and manufacturer's instructions and specifications on all new installations for inclusion in the building inventory file.

    2.9 Meetings

    .1 Attend meetings at site when notified by the Site Authority Representative

    2.10 Maintenance Manuals / Log Books / Reports and Deliverables

    .1 Maintenance manuals are to be obtained and kept by the Contractor for each type of plumbing system being serviced.

    .2 Note results of inspections in log books. Keep a readily available record, in each boiler room of all testing and inspections.

    .3 A record of all inspections, testing and maintenance shall be provided to the Site Authority.

    2.11 Non-smoking

    .1 Smoking is prohibited inside all Crown facilities. Smoking is prohibited within 3 meters of any entrance or exit to a Crown- Owned facility.

    PART 3 – Execution

    3.1 Workmanship

    .1 All workmanship is subject to inspection and approval of the Site Authority.

    .2 All work shall be performed by skilled tradesmen and supervised by a competent foreman at all times.

    3.2 Work Coordination

    .1 Prearranged work schedules shall be strictly adhered to unless otherwise approved by the Site Authority.

    3.3 Maintenance Types defined as:

    The Journeyman shall carry out and assist in various types of maintenance as requested by AAFC. Maintenance types defined as:

    1. Preventative Maintenance: Inspecting, testing and reconditioning a system at regular intervals as instructed by AAFC, intended to prevent failures.

    2. Breakdown Maintenance: Repairs to damaged equipment due to failures.

    3. Predictive Maintenance: Declared in advance, on the basis of observation, experience or scientific reasons.

    4. Development Maintenance: The act of developing new maintenance methods and procedures.

    3.4 Maintenance Types defined as: Plumbing Annual Inspections

    .1 Mechanical Equipment, Furnaces, Boilers, Hot Water Tanks: Scheduled annual inspection and maintenance service shall be completed in accordance with Manufactures instructions

    .2 Execute the work to meet or exceed all applicable codes and standards

    3.5 Warranty and Guarantee

    .1 Where the Contractor supplies equipment purchased from a supplier or manufacturer, the manufacturer's normal warranty period and such warranty shall be made out to Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada.

    .2 The Contractor shall provide a written warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year. Such guarantee shall be made out to Her Majesty in Right of Canada. Guarantee to be dated from date of acceptance of work performed.

    Contract duration

    Refer to the description above for full details.

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    Contracting organization

    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
    1341 Baseline Road
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A0C5
    Contracting authority
    Flamont, Zack
    300 2010 12th Avenue
    Regina, SK, S4P 0M3

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    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
    1341 Baseline Road
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A0C5
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