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Solicitation number 23295-130567/A

Publication date

Closing date and time 2013/03/15 16:00 EDT

Last amendment date

    Trade Agreement: NAFTA/AIT/Canada-Peru FTA/Canada-Colombia FTA
    Tendering Procedures: Generally only one firm has been invited
    to bid
    Attachment: None
    Non-Competitive Procurement Strategy: Government Objectives
    Representing Best Interests/Value to Govt
    Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No
    Vendor Name and Address: 
    PAC (Petroleum Analyses Company)
    8824 Fallbrook Drive
    Houston Texas
    United States
    Nature of Requirements: 
    This cancels and supersedes notice PW-$EDM-607-9739 published on
    MERX on 2013-02-28. 
    The ACAN closing date is changed:  
    FROM:		2013-03-15 	02:00 PM Mountain Standard Time MST
    TO:		2013-03-15 	02:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time MDT  
    1.  TITLE: 
    CNS SIMDIS High Temp System
    The Department of Natural Resources (NRCan), CanmetEnergy,
    Devon, AB, has a requirement for a Boiling Point Distribution
    (Simulated Distillation) gas chromatographic analyzer.  Boiling
    Point Distribution (Simulated Distillation) of Carbon, Sulfur
    and Nitrogen compounds in Crude Oil, Bitumen and their
    distillation fractions is a characterization critical for
    effective analytical support of internal research/cost recovery
    projects and for analytical services to Petroleum Industries.
    Some of the key technical specifications are listed below:
    The instrument should have the capability to perform simulated
    distillation IN ONE SINGLE INJECTION for hydrocarbons, Sulfur
    (S) and Nitrogen (N) instead of using three different
    instruments with separated injections.
    The instrument should use the Chemiluminescence Principle for
    Nitrogen and Sulfur Detection.  
    The instrument should use OIL-FREE vacuum pumps for the
    operation of the chemiluminescence detectors. These pumps are
    more durable and require much less maintenance.
    The instrument should ensure complete combustion of crude oil
    and bitumen samples and accurate quantification.
    The instrument should allow a boiling point distribution of N
    and S compounds up to 700 C without creating a deterioration and
    volatilization of samples. 
    NRCAN intends to purchase the  CNS SIMDIS High Temp System 120V
    PC Bundle, 
    19" Monitor,  
    DHA PLUS software upgrade to latest version, 
    DHA INSTRUMENT upgrade license, 
    HIGH TEMP installation and familiarization, 
    7650A 50-VIAL AUTOINJECTOR, and 
    The Devon CanmetENERGY laboratory is presently equipped with
    other analyzers from PAC such as the Detailed Hydrocarbon
    Analyzer (DHA), the PIONA (Paraffins, lsoparaffins, Olefins,
    Naphthenes and Aromatics) Analyzers and a special DHA FRONT END
    DATA MERGE SOFTWARE. The training period of operators will be
    reduced due to similarities between the new and already existing
    analyzers, especially in the hardware and software used. Also
    the proprietary DHA FE Merge Software can be used to merge the
    high temperature hydrocarbon simulated distillation (boiling
    point greater than 200C) from the newer analyzer with the front
    end simulated distillation (boiling point less than 200C) from
    the existing DHA analyzer. PAC will upgrade existing software in
    order to be compatible with the latest software installed on the
    new analyzer. 
    WTO-AGP not applicable, below the threshold.
    NAFTA applicable, limited tendering allowed under Article 1016;
    (b.) where, for works of art, or for reasons connected with the
    protection of patents, copyrights or other exclusive rights, or
    proprietary information or where there is an absence of
    competition for technical reasons, the goods or services can be
    supplied only by a particular supplier and no reasonable
    alternative or substitute exists; (d.) for additional deliveries
    by the original supplier that are intended either as replacement
    parts or continuing services for existing supplies, services or
    installations, or as the extension of existing supplies,
    services or installations, where a change of supplier would
    compel the entity to procure equipment or services not meeting
    requirements of interchangeability with already existing
    equipment or services, including software to the extent that the
    initial procurement of the software was covered by this Chapter.
    AIT applicable; limited tendering allowed under Article 506, 12
    (a.) to ensure compatibility with existing products, to
    recognize exclusive rights, such as exclusive licences,
    copyright and patent rights, or to maintain specialized products
    that must be maintained by the manufacturer or its
    representative; (b.) where there is an absence of competition
    for technical reasons and the goods or services can be supplied
    only by a particular supplier and no alternative or substitute
    Government Contracts Regulations Exception
    This contract is subject to subsection 6 (d) of the Government
    Contracts Regulations, in that only one person or company is
    capable of performing the contract.
    7.  TOTAL ESTIMATED VALUE: $170.137.80  GST included. 
    It is anticipated that delivery will be within 8-10 weeks from
    the effective date of the Contract.
    This PWGSC office provides procurement services to the public in
    Delivery Date: Above-mentioned
    You are hereby notified that the government intends to negotiate
    with one firm only as identified above. Should you have any
    questions concerning this requirement, contact the contracting
    officer identified above.
    An Advance Contract Award Notice (ACAN) allows departments and
    agencies to post a notice, for no less than fifteen (15)
    calendar days, indicating to the supplier community that it
    intends to award a good, service or construction contract to a
    pre-identified contractor. If no other supplier submits, on or
    before the closing date, a Statement of Capabilities that meets
    the requirements set out in the ACAN, the contracting authority
    may then proceed with the award.  However, should a Statement of
    Capabilities be found to meet the requirements set out in the
    ACAN, then the contracting authority will proceed to a full
    tendering process.
    Suppliers who consider themselves fully qualified and available
    to provide the services/goods described herein, may submit a
    statement of capabilities in writing to the contact person
    identified in this Notice on or before the closing date of this
    Notice. The statement of capabilities must clearly demonstrate
    how the supplier meets the advertised requirements.
    The PWGSC file number, the contracting officer's name and the
    closing date of the ACAN must appear on the outside of the
    envelope in block letters or, in the case of a facsimile
    transmission, on the covering page.
    The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any
    Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

    Contract duration

    Refer to the description above for full details.

    Trade agreements

    • Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)
    • Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement
    • Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement (CPFTA)
    • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

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    Contact information

    Contracting organization

    Public Works and Government Services Canada
    11 Laurier St, Phase III, Place du Portage
    Gatineau, Quebec, K1A 0S5
    Contracting authority
    Jenkinson, Lorraine
    (780) 497-3593 ( )
    (780) 497-3510
    Telus Plaza North/Plaza Telus Nord
    10025 Jasper Ave./10025 ave Jasper
    5th floor/5e tage
    Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 1S6

    Buying organization(s)

    Natural Resources Canada
    580 Booth St
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0E4
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    Summary information

    Notice type
    Advance Contract Award Notice
    English, French
    Region(s) of delivery

    Support for small and medium businesses

    If you have questions about this tender opportunity, please contact the contracting officer, whose information is found in the Contact information tab. 

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