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Immigration Holding Centre

Solicitation number 47636-178281/B

Publication date

Closing date and time 2014/05/22 14:00 EDT

Last amendment date

    Trade Agreement: WTO-AGP/NAFTA/AIT/Canada FTAs with
    Tendering Procedures: 
    Attachment: None
    Competitive Procurement Strategy: N/A - P&A/LOI Only
    Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No
    Nature of Requirements: 
    Immigration Holding Centre 
    This is NOT a bid solicitation or an invitation to tender and no
    contract will result from this publication.  This Letter of
    Interest is for information purposes only and is being issued to
    alert the vendor community of the intended requirement.
    This amendment is being raised to answer additional Questions
    and Answers received to date.
    Q1 : With reference to the above Letter of Interest (LOI) I
    Request for Inf ormation (RFI) published 7 March 2014, and the
    subsequent Industry Day held 18 March 2014, we wish to request
    that PWGSC I CBSA adjust the geographic boundary line for the
    IHC site with respect to the above opportunity.   We note that
    the current boundary excludes some Greater Toronto Airport
    Authority (GTAA) controlled lands, particularly the parcel of
    land as illustrated in Figures 1 and 2, attached.  We ask that
    this key segment of property be included within the boundary. 
    This parcel of land resides on the North side of Derry Road, on
    the Northwestern boundary line.   Its immediate proximity to
    Toronto Pearson International  Airport-the immigration point of
    entry-makes it ideally situated to serve as a candidate site for
    the proposed IHC.  The GTAA has agreed to make this land
    available to all bidders on a non-exclusive  basis, and
    therefore its inclusion in the boundary would not benefit or
    disadvantage  any single bidder.  Further, as this land is
    leased by the GTAA from Transport Canada, 12% of the revenues
    collected from its use are returned to the Federal Government as
    fees, effectively offsetting the ultimate taxpayer  burden.
    For these reasons, we would ask that the geographic boundary
    line be redrawn to include GTAA
    controlled lands, as outlined above.
    The inclusion of this parcel of land would assure a fair and
    open competition, and eliminate any perception of an unfair
    advantage to the incumbent, whose existing facility resides
    within the current boundary, on its North Northeastern-most edge.
    A1 : The proposed facility must be located in the Greater
    Toronto Area, Province of Ontario, within the area bounded by
    Derry Road to the north, Eglinton Avenue to the south, Tomken
    Road to the west and Martin Grove Road to the east. However, the
    address of the proposed facility may be located on either side
    of these specified roads. If the IHC is located on the specified
    boundary lines, then the building entry and exist must be
    accessible via the boundary road. 
    Q2: I came across this on the MERX site last week and had a few
    questions. It appears that a few consulting/architectural firms
    gathered together to hear about a potential border facility. I
    am assuming that this will eventually be tendered to a
    consulting firm to complete a design then eventually work its
    way to open tender. Or is this too early to tell.
    A2: Please be advised that this is not an architectural and
    engineering service requirement.  This is a service requirement
    where the successful contractor is responsible for providing
    secured accommodation services and housekeeping services for the
    occupants at a facility supplied by the contractor. The
    contractor is also responsible for the maintenance of this
    facility. The tender document for this upcoming service
    procurement will be posted on Buy&
    Optional Industry Information Day
    Immigration Holding Centre (IHC) Procurement
    Date: March 18, 2014
    Location: Entrance 92, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario
    Menelaos (Manny) Argiropoulos - PWGSC, Office of Small and
    Medium Enterprise
    Louise Kelly - PWGSC, Acquisitions
    Peggy Juan - PWGSC, Acquisitions
    Debra Kingsbury - Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA)
    Sajjad Bhatti - CBSA
    Marie E. Darling - ATCO Structures & Logistics
    Brigitte Hamilton - Hamilton Corporate Group (HCG Security)
    Michael Lowe - Hamilton Corporate Group (HCG Security)
    Jason Witalis - Kleinfeldt Mychajlowycz Architects Inc. (KMA)
    Amy Kasnickas - Serco Canada Inc.
    Michael Murphy - Parkin Architects Limited representing Corbel
    Management Corp. 
    Christian Dugas - Samsons & Associates, Fairness Monitor (FM)
    	All vendor attendees signed in. 
    Menelaos (Manny) Argiropoulos welcomed the vendors and
    introduced the government representatives as well as the FM by
    highlighting their roles in the procurement. 
    He explained that the goals of the session were to provide
    information on: 
    a brief summary of the requirement; 
    the security clearance required for this requirement;
    key bidding reminders;
    process overview; 
    provide a Q&A session for vendors.
    Overview of the Immigration Holding Centre Requirement
    CBSA provided an overview of the requirement: 
    CBSA requires a contractor to provide a detention facility which
    is a secured accommodation facility that can hold 160 people
    consisting of male, female and minor, with the ability to
    accommodate 50 additional people. This is an all-inclusive
    service requirement where secured accommodation, housekeeping
    and meals services are provided at this facility. 
    CBSA has the legislated authority under the Immigration Refugee
    Board Act to arrest and detain individuals who are deemed as
    flight risks, danger to the public, or for identity purpose. 
    In this facility, there is requirement for multi-purpose rooms,
    interview areas and exercise areas. 
    In additional to the detainees, this facility must also
    accommodate other people such as CBSA staff, CBSA security
    contractors, CBSA medical contractors, Non Government
    Organization staff, legal community and other representation. 
    Security Requirement and Procurement Reminders
    Peggy Juan explained that Public Works and Government Services
    Canada is providing acquisitions services in support of our
    client, Canada Border Services Agency. 
    She provided an overview of the security requirement associated
    with the upcoming RFP and offered to sponsor companies who wish
    to initiate security clearance application with PWGSC: 
    A part of the specification documents in the statement of work
    is classified as Protected B and will only be released to
    vendors who have the required security clearance to access
    Protected B documents. 
    The Request for Proposal (the RFP) for this requirement will
    only provide the portions of the statement of work that is not
    classified as Protected B documents. 
    Vendors are strongly encouraged to apply for security clearance
    with PWGSC's Industrial Security Program.
    The screening process to obtain security clearance can be
    Anyone wishes to obtain their security clearance in time for the
    upcoming procurement should submit their request as soon as
    Bidding Reminders:
    If you have any questions regarding the RFP document, please
    submit your questions to PWGSC prior to the Bid Closing Date,
    PWGSC cannot make any changes to the RFP after Bid Closing
    without retendering the requirement. 
    The RFP will include a timeline for submitting questions which
    allows PWGSC sufficient time to answer, translate, and
    distribute Q&A to all vendors. 
    As noted above, please do not make assumptions about the RFP
    when preparing your bid package. If you have any question or
    concern, please submit your question to PWGSC. 
    Please remember to submit a signed front page of the RFP in your
    bid package to indicate that you have accepted the terms and
    conditions of the RFP.
    The RFP governs how the bids will be evaluated. If any of the
    information you receive today differs from the RFP, please keep
    in mind that the bids are evaluated according to the RFP. When
    in doubt, please submit your question to PWGSC.
    All communication regarding this requirement must be submitted
    through PWGSC. 
    PWGSC Office of Small and Medium Enterprise presented How to do
    business with the Government of Canada and Smart Procurement. 
    NOTE: The power point presentations are attached.
    Questions (Q) and Answers (A):
    Q1: 	Of the 160 people (and at times 50 of the additional
    people), what is the gender mix? 
    A1:  	The ratio is 70% Male and 30% Female. 
    Q2: 	Of the 50 additional people to be accommodated, what has
    been the average frequency in the past 3 years and average
    A2: 	This requirement is in case of an influx of detainees which
    has not been required over the past 3 years, however, it remains
    as a requirement for this tender. 
    Q3: 	The boundary lines have been delineated as: Derry Road to
    the north, Eglinton Avenue to the south, Tomken Road to the west
    and Martin Grove Road to the east. Is it possible to go beyond
    the limit of these boundaries?  
    A3: 	No, there are CBSA business requirements that have dictated
    these boundaries.
    Q4: 	Of the three 1-year periods, what are the parameters for
    securing the extensions beyond the initial 5-year and 3-month
    A4: 	If after the initial 5 years 3 months, the business
    requirements remain the same then the option to extend for the
    three one-year periods would be invoked one year at a time. 
    Q5: 	Security is a major component of this IHC requirement. With
    that in mind, will you be evaluating the cost savings for the
    number of guards required in the proposed facility? 
    A5: 	No, the guard services contract is separate from this
    Q6: 	When would the contractor be notified if the option to
    extend the contract period is exercised?
    A6: 	The notice period would be specified in the RFP and the
    resulting contract. Traditionally, it had been within 6 weeks or
    3 months from the date of contract completion. Please review the
    RFP for the specified period for this requirement. If you still
    have this concern during the solicitation period, please advise
    PWGSC during the solicitation period. 
    Q7: 	What if one design requires less security guards than
    another design which results in real cost savings to CBSA? For
    example, if one design requires 50 guards and another requires
    30 guards?
    A7: 	CBSA plans to evaluate for sightlines in the point rated
    evaluation but does not plan to evaluate specifically the
    numbers of security guards required in the facility. 
    Q8:	What will be the impact of this contract on the existing
    A8:	This contract will replace the current service contract.
    There will be a mandatory site visit to the existing facility. 
    Q9:	Who will equip the medical rooms in this facility?
    A9:	CBSA will provide the equipment and furniture required for
    the medical rooms/doctor's office in this facility. 
    Q10:	What is the length of the RFP posting?
    A10:	The RFP will be posted for a minimum of 40 days.
    Q11:	When will the RFP be issued?
    A11:	We plan to issue the RFP between late April to early May.
    Q12:	When will the contract be awarded?
    A12:	We anticipate contract award in April 2015 which will allow
    the contractor an 18 month construction period. 
    Q13:	When will the mandatory site visit take place?
    A13:	It will take place during the solicitation period. 
    Q14:	What will be the technical and cost weighing?
    A14:	This information will be provided in the RFP.
    Q15:	Do you have a budget that you can share with us?
    A15:	No. 
    Q16:	Will the medical service and security guards service be
    rolled into this contract?
    A16:	Canada does not plan to combine the medical service and
    security guard service into this contract. 
    Q17:	What is the required accommodation set-up?  Is it
    individual rooms or dorm-style?
    A17:	Currently, CBSA has individual rooms that can accommodate 3
    to 4 people and dorm style accommodation. There is a male wing,
    a female wing which may also accommodate minors and a minor
    Q18:	Is there a requirement for cultural or religious food?
    A18:	Yes.
    Q19:	Who is considered a minor? 
    A19:	A detainee under the age of 18. 
    Q20:	Will a 17-year old boy stay with his mother in the same
    A20:	Minors accompanied by their mothers will stay with their
    mothers in the family accommodation of the female wing. Minors
    accompanied by their fathers will stay in the minor wing.
    Unaccompanied minors will stay in the minor wing. 
    Q21:	Is there a requirement for transportation shuttle?
    A21:	No, that is not part of this requirement.
    Q22:	Does this requirement include grounds maintenance and snow
    A22:	Yes. 
    Q23:	Is computer, IT infrastructure part of this requirement?
    A23:	The card access system and camera system of this facility
    is part of this requirement. CBSA will provide their own
    Q24:	Is there an accessibility requirement?
    A24:	Yes. 
    Q25:	Is Industrial Regional Benefits a value proposition for
    this requirement?
    A25:	No.
    Q26:	Is this a requirement for a design-build solution or to
    renovate or refurbish existing building?
    A26:	We are open to accept all solutions that meet the SOW.
    Q27:	Is there an existing facility? Will CBSA be taking over the
    A27:	There is an existing Immigration Holding Centre service
    contract. CBSA will not take over the lease of the building when
    the service contract expires. 
    Q28:	Who pays for the damages caused by occupants?
    A28:	Damages caused by occupants are borne by the contractor. 
    Q29:	Who pays for the utility, gas and electricity?
    A29:	The contractor will pay for the utility, gas and
    Q30:	Will the contractor be required to de-commission the
    existing facility?
    A30:	No. 
    Q31:	Will there be any one-on-one engagement sessions?
    A31:	Canada is not planning any one-on-one engagement
    consultation at this time, but if you believe it is needed,
    please let us know. 
    Q32: 	I want to know what proof of security clearance is
    required. For example, do you need the COMSEC number?
    A32: 	In order to verify the security clearance level of a
    vendor, Canada will require the legal name and address of the
    vendor at a minimum. CISD security clearance number may also be
    requested, if required.
    Q33:	Can you provide the information on the estimated value of
    the CBSA IHC project?
    A33:	We do not have an estimate that we can provide. 
    Q34 a):  Is the new IHC facility intended to replace the
    existing Rexdale facility, or is it meant to
    compliment/supplement Rexdale? 
    A34 a):  The new IHC service contract will replace the services
    provided by the incumbent contractor at the Rexdale facility. 
    Q34b):   If the new facility is intended to replace the existing
    Rexdale facility, what are CBSA's reasons for leaving Rexdale?
    A35b):  This requirement is being tendered in anticipation of
    the expiry of the current service contract. 
    Q35: 	Would CBSA consider a longer contract term (15 - 30
    years), such that capital expenditures could be amortized over a
    longer term?
    A35:	No, CBSA would not.
    Q36: 	What are CBSA's intentions for the new facility at the end
    of the contract term? As the LOI reads, CBSA may choose to leave
    the new facility at the end of the contract term without penalty
    or a terminal payment. This leaves a significant risk that the
    successful proponent will be left with a secure holding centre
    that is not easily remarketed or monetized without significant
    A36:	Once the service contract term has ended, CBSA will
    retender the service requirement.
    Q37:     Would CBSA consider rolling some of the other services
    contracts (e.g. security) into this contract? The assumption of
    these responsibilities by the successful proponent could be
    timed such that they are not assumed until the existing
    contracts have expired.
    A37: 	No.
    Q38:	Does CBSA own the existing facility?
    A38:	No.
    Q39:	Is CBSA looking to continue to have services provided at
    the existing facility or is CBSA open to have the services
    provided at a different location?
    A39:	CBSA is requesting the services to be provided within the
    required geographic boundary lines. 
    Closing Remarks
    Please ensure all communication regarding this requirement are
    directed to the contracting authority at PWGSC. PWGSC will
    distribute the minutes from today's event to all attendees as
    well as posting them to Buy and Sell.
    Suppliers who did not attend will not be precluded from
    submitting a bid in response to any future solicitation for this
    Canada will not be under any obligation to advise any respondent
    of this Letter of Interest of the issuance of any subsequent
    solicitation documents for this requirement, and it is the
    responsibility of all vendors to monitor the
    for the posting of any subsequent solicitation documents. 
    Questions about this Letter of Interest may be directed to the
    Contracting Authority:
    Peggy Juan
    Telephone: (905) 615-2467
    Facsimile: (905) 615-2060
    E-mail :
    Delivery Date: Above-mentioned
    The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any
    Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

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    Public Works and Government Services Canada
    11 Laurier St, Phase III, Place du Portage
    Gatineau, Quebec, K1A 0S5
    Contracting authority
    Juan, Peggy
    (905) 615-2467 ( )
    (905) 615-2060
    Ontario Region
    33 City Centre Drive
    Suite 480
    Mississauga, Ontario, L5B 2N5

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    Canada Border Services Agency
    333 North River Road
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1L 8B9
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