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Pricing framework

The Pricing framework offers contracting officers guidance, policies and tools to help with establishing pricing for contracts. The framework will ensure that a consistent approach and fair pricing is applied across all Government of Canada contracts. This also includes contractors demonstrating sound stewardship of public funds and ensuring best value for Canadians.

The pricing framework includes the following components:

Practitioner’s Guide for Procurement Pricing 

As a contracting officer, you should use this guide to develop effective pricing for your contracts. The guide:

  • provides a better understanding of pricing with the Government of Canada
  • provides clear and relevant pricing options available to contracting officers
  • provides guidance to determine best pricing options, including benefits, risks, and related processes
  • outlines key steps, considerations and tools contracting officers should consider during pricing strategy development
  • provides guidance on increasing the clarity, consistency and transparency of pricing decisions
  • promotes the use of alternative pricing approaches and the recommended process to document and capture lessons learned

The Pricing Guide is available to download and print in the following formats: 

Latest updates to the guide

The guide has been updated based on feedback from the procurement community and to align with changes to the Supply Manual. Below are links to a summary of recent key updates for you to review.

The summary of changes is available to download and print in the following formats: 

Other pricing tools

Pricing tools and other resources are available including tools and templates to support practitioners in procurement pricing.

Applicable Rates For Profit Determination Table

Provides the current rates to be applied for the capital employed factors in Section 5.2.1 of the Pricing Guide for negotiated pricing.

Profit Determination Template (Zip, 143 KB)

Includes instructions and schedules to establish the profit in negotiated pricing, following the guidance in Section 5.2 Profit Principles of the Pricing Guide.

Contractual Risk Assessment Tool (Zip, 46.3 KB)

Provides key questions to help with assessing risk levels in a contract detailed in Section 5.2.3 Contractual Risk of the Pricing Guide for negotiated pricing. 

Contact us

We welcome suggestions on pricing areas or topics for future consultations. Please provide comments and feedback to the Procurement Support Services Sector – Pricing and Professional Accounting Practices Group (PPAPG) at Public Services and Procurement Canada.


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