Policies and guidelines

Find information that will help you with the process of buying for the Government of Canada, including on policies, trade agreements and more.

Supply Manual

Learn more about the policies and procedures that contracting officers must follow when offering procurement services.

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Archived - Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions (SACC) Manual

Not sure what procurement clauses and general conditions to use? This manual provides a full list, with instructions and templates you can use.

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Pricing framework

Need help incorporating flexible and strategic pricing options into your procurement? Check out a suite of policies and tools available to you, including a practitioner’s guide.

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Learn more about the trade agreements Canada must follow when doing procurement, including information on coverage and thresholds.

Get a list the policies, acts, regulations and directives that apply to federal procurement.

How the government ensures openness, fairness and transparency when buying goods and services.

Other useful links

Policy notifications

Highlighting updates to our procurement policies and process.

Direct deposit enrollment

If you do business with the government, you can get paid with direct deposit

Guide to Delegating and Applying Spending and Financial Authorities

Support for departments in managing their delegation of spending and financial authorities.

Security requirements for government contracting

Obtain a security screening to meet contract requirements.

Find procurement forms

Find the contracts and forms that you will need to do business with the government.

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