Submitting a bid to the Bid Receiving Unit using Connect


This resource guide provides bidders with the steps for submitting bids to Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Bid Receiving Unit (BRU) in the region indicated in the Bid Solicitation Document through Canada Post’s Connect Service.  This guide is not intended to provide technical support for using the product. For instructions on your role as a user of the Connect service, contact Canada Post’s Connect Service or refer to the Supplier’s Guide provided by the BRU.

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Notify the BRU that you will bid using Connect

You must send an email to the BRU to indicate your intent to use Connect for each bid solicitation following the instructions below. Sending this email will allow the BRU to initiate a “conversation” on your behalf through the Connect service, so that you can prepare the submission of your bid when you are ready.

Step 1

Write your email request with the following information:

  • the complete solicitation number (including the forward slash and letter if applicable)
  • the names of your company 
  • a contact person 

Step 2

Email the appropriate regional office using the email addresses below.

Important: Do not email bids directly to these email addresses. They are to be used only to request the opening of a Connect conversation. 

Step 3

The BRU will send you the information for the next steps, as well as a detailed Supplier’s Guide in both official languages, to the email address you used to send your request, unless otherwise stated. 

Note: If any changes or revisions are needed they can be done through the initial conversation without opening a new one.

Check your email for a Connect notification

The initial opening of a conversation will generate an email with a notice indicating that the generic BRU email has sent you a message. If you do not see a Connect message in your inbox, check your junk folder before contacting Connect services.

Step 1

Click on the green “Access the Message” button within the email. 

Step 2

Login with your Connect username and password on the Connect service portal.

Note: If you do not already have a Connect profile, you can create one. Refer to the guide provided by the BRU for the detailed steps of the process.

Step 3 (optional)

If you choose to delegate the responsibility of managing the Connect, then your delegate should be the first one to login, and they will be the only ones able to access your Connect messages.

Submit your proposal documents to the BRU

To send your proposal documents to the BRU, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Check your Connect inbox to access the message from the BRU.

Step 2

Click on the name of the conversation that relates to the solicitation you wish to bid on. Make sure you are using the correct conversation and solicitation bid number or your submission documents will be disregarded.

Step 3

Click on the “Open” button to view the contents of the message.

Step 4

Click the ‟Post Message” button to send your bid to the BRU.

Step 5

Enter text to indicate that you are attaching your bid documents related to the bid solicitation and clearly state the bid solicitation number. 

Step 6

Attach your bid documents and click the ‟Submit” button.

Step 7

Reopen the conversation and check that the time and date of the submission (mailing) is at the top right of the message, confirming that the submission of the bid is complete.

Once BRU receives your bid

A message of receipt for your bid documents will be provided by the BRU through the Connect service within 24 business hours following receipt of your documents, at the latest.

BRU will transfer a copy of your bid to the contracting authority after the solicitation closing date. Any bids received after the closing date and time are destroyed and the bidder will be notified by email of their late submission.

If you experience any technical difficulties that prevent you from accessing the Connect service, please contact the Connect Customer Service at 1-877-376-1212.

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