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Resource guides

Checklist for preparing a bid

Are you ready to bid on a Government of Canada tender opportunity? This resource guide will walk you through what you need to know to prepare your bid and ensure that it’s complete before you submit.

Submitting a bid to the Bid Receiving Unit using Connect

This resource guide provides bidders with the steps for submitting bids to Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Bid Receiving Unit (BRU) in the region indicated in the Bid Solicitation Document through Canada Post’s Connect Service.  This guide is not intended to provide technical support for using the product. For instructions on your role as a user of the Connect service, contact Canada Post’s Connect Service or refer to the Supplier’s Guide provided by the BRU.

Registering a joint venture supplier in SAP Ariba

This resource guide will walk you through the process of registering a joint venture in SAP Ariba to bid on a Request for Proposal (RFP) by teaming up with other businesses. Keep in mind that only the lead business in a joint venture can create an Ariba account. 

In this example, ABC Inc. has decided to join with DEF Inc. to create a joint venture and is designated as the lead business.  

Adding users and assigning roles in your business’s SAP Ariba account

This resource guide will walk you through, as an account administrator, how to create roles in your SAP Ariba business profile, as well as how to assign users to those roles. While only one account can be created per business number, you can add up to 250 users to your business profile, with assigned roles to limit or maximize their account access. This means if multiple individuals in your business want to participate in bids with the Government of Canada, you can easily add them as users. 

Viewing tender opportunities on CanadaBuys

This resource guide will walk you through how to view the full details of tender opportunities published on the CanadaBuys Tender opportunities page. These include tender notices posted by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) on SAP Ariba, tender notices from the broader Canadian public service posted on third party sites, and more. 

Registering for an SAP Ariba viewer account

Do you want to view the full details of tender opportunities in SAP Ariba but not interested in bidding? If so, you will still need to get an SAP Ariba account. Follow the steps in this guide to register for a free viewer account. If you have any questions, call, email, or chat with the CanadaBuys Service Desk.

Entering your payment information in SAP Ariba

Has your business been awarded a contract with Public Services and Procurement Canada? If yes, this resource guide will walk you through how to add payment information to your SAP Ariba account. 

Even if you received your contract by bidding through Buyandsell, remember that you will still need to enter your payment information in SAP Ariba. 

Don't already have an account? Refer to the guide on registering and logging in to SAP Ariba.

Logging in to your CanadaBuys account

This resource guide will walk you through how to set up and log in to your CanadaBuys account. Logging in to CanadaBuys gives you access to:

Finding and using UNSPSC codes

The following guide is for finding United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) codes and how to use them to search for tender opportunities on CanadaBuys.

Introduction to SAP Fieldglass for businesses

This resource guide will walk you and your business through basic functions in SAP Fieldglass. SAP Fieldglass is a new procurement tool being used by the Government of Canada that enables you to submit candidates, accept work orders, and submit time and expenses for invoicing for any services contracts that you may hold with Public Services and Procurement Canada.

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